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From:  Master Bishop & sub samantha
Saturday, 11:15 a.m.

Dear submissive,

I believe, as do many Dominants that all submissives should make all their holes available to their Dominant during training.  While giving their Dominant access to their mouth and pussy is very easy, the idea of giving a Dominant access to a sub's asshole can make most sub's clench.

The reason why this is a problem is because most submissives aren't educated and have absolutely no idea how to receive anal sex. They have not been trained properly on anal servitude. They just assume that the Dominant knows exactly what they are doing and that the submissive doesn't have to do anything while receiving.  This is just not the case.

The anatomy of the vagina and anus are completely different and respond differently.  There are things you as a submissive must know and do while you receive your anal training. Most subs just think anal training is similar to vaginal training.  When they do, they just end up getting hurt.

Anal Training shouldn't hurt! To get the most pleasure out of anal training you have to understand how everything works.

This is a whole new ballgame!  Your old tricks to orgasm won't work here.  If you are wanting to make your Master happy by giving him your asshole, then you have to learn completely different techniques to make sure you both have the most incredible orgasms! If you don't take the time to educate yourself all you will do is:

1) End up getting seriously hurt!

2) Never wanting to experiment sexually again 

3) Things becoming uncomfortable and awkward around your Master

4) A very displeased Dominant

The only people who get hurt from anal training are the ones who don't know what they're doing.

Its one thing to learn the techniques, and another to understand what is happening and how it feels. Thats why Master Bishop and I have worked together to give you both views.  While Master Bishop provides you with the techniques, I will give you tips and tricks on how it all works.  This way you can hit the ground running, instead of stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what works and why!

I'm going to show you how anybody can learn to have the best anal sex without the pain - even if you're a NOVICE and have no idea how!

I was once in a position just like you...

About 6 years ago I was dating a guy for privacy reasons I will call Ryan.  This was my first serious long term relationship. We had been dating for 4 years up to this point.  After so many years things had become a little stale sexually.  While I wanted more intimacy, and foreplay, Ryan just wanted to have anal sex.  

I had never really ever thought about that.  To be honest I always thought of my bum as an exit only area.  I tried to explain that to Ryan but he just kept pushing the idea and pushing the idea.

Well I had decided that I wasn't open to the idea of having anal sex.  Ryan could barely make me orgasm at the best of times, how would anal sex help me.  A few months later Ryan decided to take matters into his on hands sort a speak.  

While we were trying to make love (if thats what you could call it), Ryan decided to pretend that suddenly he had slipped.  I can't even describe the pain I felt and because I wasn't expecting it the pain was even worse.  Well after I climbed down from the ceiling, Ryan thought it would be a good idea to give it another try.  I couldn't believe him.  

I didn't trust him from that point on.  He had violated and completely broken our trust.  The intimacy was gone in our relationship and slowly things went down hill from there.  

For years I dated guys many of whom wanted to try to have anal sex, I have allowed a few to try despite my better judgement.  I learned a few things from that 

1) It showed me how self serving most of these guys were. 

2) The anus is a very sensitive area and if you don't know what you are doing you can really hurt yourself.  They just try to shove things in and it would just hurt me more and more.

3) I realized how many guys were into anal sex, so I figured I had to learn more so I could stop being hurt by a bunch of clumsy uneducated guys.  

I decided that would never happen again.  I knew I had to educate myself in order to make it more pleasurable for my next partner. I decided to learn everything there was about anal sex! Lets be honest despite my horrible experiences there was still something about anal sex that turned me on. I think it was the fact that it was so taboo and naughty, but that doesn't mean I want just anybody back there.

I spent all my time researching as much information about anal sex as I could. So I started searching the Ďnet, looking high and low for anything that could help me. After months of searching, I came up empty handed. 

Oh there were a few sites I found kicking around that would give you tiny bits of the puzzle, here and there.  But there was NOTHING that would show a complete beginner (like I was) what they needed to know on anal sex. 

It wasn't until I met Master Bishop and began training under him. It was obvious from the beginning that He knew what He was doing.  Everything He did felt absolutely amazing, He was gentle and rough exactly when He needed to be.  

Master Bishop knew where, when and how to touch me to turn my attitude about anal sex to one of complete desire.  When He finally began my anal training, I was dying to know what it would feel like and it surpassed all my expectations and inhibitions.  I also realized if I had been with someone who wasn't as knowledgeable it wouldn't have been anywhere near as pleasurable and exciting. As Ryan was so kind to point out to me, no pun intended.

It was definitely one of the most intense mindblowing orgasms of my life and each time we have anal sex they grow with intensity each and every time.  Since then we have experimented with new and different techniques and tricks and to enhance and expand our anal sex experiences.  I have become a true anal sub!

We actually found a way to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS easier through certain anal techniques.

Here is what you're about to learn from The "Feel Good" Anal Sex tips and techniques!

Here is just a taste of what you will get: 

how anal sex image  Learn how to have anal sex and give your partner the most intense MIND BLOWING orgasm they have ever felt.   

anal sex how to image  Both Points of View - Get the male and female point of view to giving and receiving anal sex. Learn what works and what doesn't work from an experienced couple.

anal sex guide image  Anal sex Positions - Learn which ones are best for beginners and work your way up to the more advanced positions. FULLY ILLUSTRATED so you will know exactly how to position yourself and your partner to maximize the pleasure and satisfaction!

how to anal sex image  Worried about pain from anal sex - learn these tips, tricks and techniques and you will be having nothing but pleasure from this point on!

how to prepare for anal sex image  Learn how to prepare yourself - One of the main reasons people have pain from anal sex is because they haven't prepared themselves for it.  Discover what you need to know so your ready to receive anal pleasure.

anal sex advice image  Discover why anal stimulation feels so good - If anal sex is so unnatural, why can anal stimulation feel better and more intense then regular sex.

  Afraid of getting dirty - no problem learn what you have to do to stay clean.

  Love stimulating your own anus - hey I have tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your anal masturbation that will send your orgasms through the roof.

  Discover the #1 secret to stimulating your partners anus - This trick will stimulate your partners anus to magically open right up for you! No more forcing it in because once you learn this trick, you will have no problem getting it in.

  Learn how to use your tongue that will make your partner spread their legs wider and make them beg for more!

  Safety First - as with all sexual activity you must be safe, learn how to protect yourself and your partner.

  Anal Toys - Learn all about anal toys, which are the best for beginners, which ones will make them want more and discover how to use the more advanced ones to get the most out of your anal play.

  The Top 5 Worst Things you could ever do - Do these and you will never get your partner to have anal sex again!

  Increase the stimulation like never before - learn these exercises to control your anus that way you can relax better, take penetration easier and it can increase the intensity 10X.

  The #1 Lubricant to use - I have tried a ton of lubricants for anal sex, some are too sticky, others are too messy, I don't even know what some were desired for but it wasn't to be used as a lubricant.  If you pick the wrong lubricant, you can turn GREAT anal sex into a complete nightmare and your girlfriend will never want anal sex again.  That's why I only use one type.   Its perfect for all forms of sexual activities and your partner will love you for using it. 

  The Love Gun - Find out what it is, how to use it, but most importantly learn EXACTLY when to use it, to give your girlfriend the BEST orgasm she has ever had, and show her you are the greatest lover ever!

Plus : How To Get Your Partner To WANT Anal Sex 

  Step-by-step Instruction that teaches you how to get your partner who has never had anal sex before to want to have it with you.    I have never failed at getting a girlfriend to have anal sex, even girls who think its totally disgusting. I have even told my friends and instructed classes about it and they have seen the benefits from it.  

"She Did A Complete 180!"

"When Master Bishop told me how I could get my girlfriend to have anal sex I didn't believe him.  I had been trying for months and I wasn't getting anywhere.  My girlfriend even told me flat out that she would never do that.  Master Bishop didn't seem dissuaded by this, he laid it out for me step by step.  There were no pressure tactics, just an easy to follow method to show your girlfriend how enjoyable anal sex can be for her.  I followed each instruction to the letter. Now my girlfriend is having anal sex like a porn star and loving every minute of it. I can't believe it she did a complete 180!"


Chris K

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Get The Female Perspective At The Same Time

Don't forget that Samantha and I wrote this program together, so you will also get her side of the story and she has a lot to tell including:

Women's biggest complaint about anal sex and its what men are not doing that can make a girl feel less than enthusiastic. Its very easy to fix, but if you ignore it the problem will only get worst and she'll never learn to enjoy anal sex.

Learn how to relax and prepare yourself so you can enjoy volcanic anal sex orgasms

Tips and techniques on how to make your partners ass explode with ecstasy

What to do if you have never had anal sex before, to ensure both partners pleasure

Anal sex secrets that will send your sex life soaring! (Including have him last longer, enjoying it more...and have him worship your every step)

How to get your man so worked up that just a touch of your ass will set him off into wild, gushing orgasm at will!

The single most critical thing you must NOT do while learning how to have anal sex. Get this one wrong and you may not get another chance!

How YOU can learn to enjoy the experience of anal sex, even if you can't stand it right now!

...and MUCH more!

Whew! That's a lot of information. But the great part is, all of this is broken down into extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions, including pictures and diagrams that leave no room for error when trying to learn how to have anal sex.

Here's a few words from some people who learned how to have the Most Amazing Anal Sex Experiences with The Feel Good Anal Sex Guide!

"She Absolutely Loves Anal Sex!"

"I can't thank the both of you enough. My girlfriend never wanted to even try anal sex, but I now realize what I was doing wrong. I followed your tips and techniques and she absolutely loves anal sex. 

Thanks guys YOU ROCK!"



"He Couldn't Stop Smiling All Day!"

"I have not had many anal sex experiences and the ones I have had weren't that enjoyable.  I couldn't believe how helpful I found this book.  It was full of great ideas for both giving and receiving pleasure.  

I have never been so aroused by the idea of having anal sex before. Once I finished reading the book I grabbed my boyfriend and started using all the techniques discussed.  It was absolutely amazing and I can tell you he enjoyed it too because he couldn't stop smiling all day!"



"I Am No Longer Worried And Actually Eager!"

"My husband has always wanted to try anal sex with me and I have always been to scared to try it.  I thought that it would hurt too much. After reading your book, I am no longer worried and actually eager to give my husband a big surprise tonight!"



The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide is like following a roadmap. If you can read a map, with a little bit of practice you can learn all about how to have anal sex.

Well I have to hand it to you - if you've read this far it's because you really are serious about wanting to learn the fascinating art of the anal orgasm.

That being said, here's what I'd like to send you via email so you can start learning this skill right away...

Here's what you'll get in The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide...

Okay, here is exactly what you'll get when you order The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide downloadable course:

How To Anal Sex* A step-by-step Anal Sex Guide that will explain exactly what you should do and how you should do it. This is an eBook so itís downloadable to your computer instantly online (in .PDF format)

* A Special How To Have Anal Sex Video
watch and listen as Paul holds your hand through ever mindblowing technique.  You will see exactly what you need to do and what you shouldn't do.  Learn both the theory and technique to create unforgetable experiences

* A quick-start anal sex survival guide to quickly refresh your memory before seeing your partner so you donít have to re-read everything! This at-a-glance information is priceless and a breeze to understand.

* Tons of very easy-to-follow pictures and diagrams that eliminate all doubt about what you need to do!

"Feel Good Anal Sex Interviews" - Audio Program Featuring World Renowned Sex Expert Jay Archer & Paul Bishop
5 chapters; 1 hour mp3 audio 
- Add this to your ipod and listen to it while you are driving, on the bus or even working out

* And youíll be able to download all of this online in the next thirty seconds and absorb it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Nothing will be shipped, so there is no waiting. Youíll get everything instantly, even if itís 2:00 in the morning! 

"It Was Incredible!"

"I had my first orgasm from anal sex.  It was incredible. 

Thank you so much I definitely owe you one ;)"



"Its Nice To Be Able To Enjoy Anal Sex..."

"I never enjoyed any of my previous anal sex experiences they were always painful and I could never figure out why. Now I'm loving it.

Its nice to be able to enjoy anal sex as much as my boyfriend."



"Absolutely Loved It!"

"I read your anal e-book and absolutely loved it. After reading it, I am able to truly understand what I need to do to get pleasure from it"



"Its Definitely Keeping The Sex Life Exciting!"

"Thank you so much. Your techniques feel so good and I know my girlfriend is enjoying them too.  Its definitely keeping the sex life exciting."



You can increase your knowledge of anal sex 10X in as little as 30 minutes!

By now Iím sure youíre wondering how much this is all going to cost.  And in a moment Iíll tell you. But first I want you to consider what it will cost if you DONíT learn these secrets from Master Bishop and myself...

Think about how many hours of frustration you'll spend trying to figure this information out by yourself.  I know I've been there and spent hundreds of dollars of my own money. Cut through all the trial and error and learn what you need to know!

Also think about how frustrated and hurt your partner is going to be as you try to work your way through all the mistakes we have already made. You could seriously hurt your partner or yourself if you don't know what you're doing.  Once you hurt your partner they will never want to do it again. Even if your partner wanted to, their anus has a memory and chances are it won't want to do it again! You thought it was hard getting it in the first time, just wait until you have hurt them. Their anus will be so tight they could make a diamond out of coal!

The information I reveal to you could be worth hundreds of dollars to you over the course of your lifetime, not to mention how much aggravation you'll save because you'll actually know what to do!

How much is it worth to spice up your love life like never before and be the best lover they ever had? ...to have them singing your praises?

Most people would say "a lot." Well, in comparison you'll be paying very little for this priceless knowledge.  How much? 

Just $57 $27

Yep, that's all. Over the course of a single year this breaks down to less then 10 cents per day.

Is it worth less then 10 cents per day to learn how to give a mind-blowing, earth shattering anal orgasm - a skill that will last a lifetime - and have them wrapped around your little finger forever?

Of course it is!

And if you decide to place your order today Iíll send you the following ďbonusĒ products completely free...

But to "Sweeten the Deal" Even More, I'm Going to Throw In...

I believe so intensely that your special lady will have MASSIVE ORGASMS when she has anal sex with you and brag to her friends about how good you are that I want to make it impossible for you to say no.  

That's why I've created these exclusive special reports as bonuses.  You'll get the following 6 bonuses, valued at $379 - for FREE!  

BONUS #1:  The Triple Orgasm 

(A $49 value - Yours FREE!)

3 Orgasms at once! This will put the multiple orgasm to shame.  Now its possible. The first time she has one of these she won't be able to think of anyone else but you.  

She'll think you did some kind of magic on her and wonder why no other guy has been able to do the same for her.

BONUS #2:  The Forgotten Secret To Making Anal Penetration Easier 

(A $27 value - yours FREE!)

Most of the pain a person who is receiving anal sex might feel comes from the initial penetration. If the penetrating partner doesn't know the proper way to begin anal sex, then anal sex is over before it ever began.  

Many people forget this one simple technique that can help to make anal penetration easier for the receiving partner.  If you don't get this step right, all he will be doing is pushing harder and harder to get himself in.  All the while your anus will be squeezing tighter and tighter, no matter how badly you might want to relax.  This one simple step can eliminate much of the awkward and uncomfortable sensations that you may otherwise experience.

BONUS #3:  The Ultimate Solution To Premature Ejaculation 

(A $37 value - yours FREE!)

Research shows that 75% of men only last 2 minutes during regular intercourse.  We all know it takes women far longer to reach their sexual peak.  Take your love making to the next level to ensure complete satisfaction for both partners.

Discover New:

  • Breathing Exercises

  • How to measure pleasure

  • Desensitization Exercises

  • How to get your partner involved to help prolong the pleasure and so much more...

BONUS #4:  "How To Make Love All Night Long: And Drive Your Woman Wild" 

(A $27 value - yours FREE!)

Can you imagine making love all night long! Going for hours without needing a break! Having more then one orgasm and still being able to keep going! I bet your girlfriend dreams about it.

Ladies the answer to your dreams and Men the answer to your prayers: Discover the secrets to the male multiple orgasm

BONUS #5:  "Intensify Your Intimate Connection Video" 

(A $37 value - yours FREE!)

One of the most powerful ways to connect with your partner and increase the intimacy in your relationship and yet only a hand full of people around the world know about it.  

* Its perfect to wake up to in the morning or fall asleep to at night

* Before a hot play session or to help come down from an intense scene

It reinforces the special connection the both of you share and helps to open up the communication between the both of you.  Make this a regular part of your day and you will always feel close and connected with your partner no matter where they maybe.

BONUS #6:  Secret Bonus eBook 

(A $197 value - yours FREE!)

I've also included a bonus eBook that I know you are absolutely going to LOVE. It's a quick read and I've seen the same information sell for up to $197 on other sites - it's yours FREE! 

Total Value of Bonuses: $379!

These bonus products sell for the price listed next to it every day, and youíd probably end up buying anyway.  You can get it for free when you place your order for The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide today.

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I can understand if you still have doubts.  Maybe you're not sure that this ebook is right for you.  Or maybe you think that all of this is just too good to be true. That's natural - I would think the same thing if I were in your shoes.

If so, that's fine because you don't have to make up your mind right now.  I'm going to take every last bit of risk out of you owning this ground-breaking program by offering you... 

My 365 day no questions asked 100% guarantee!

Yes, a 100% guarantee.  

Hereís my guarantee: take a full 365 days to read and absorb the material and try out my methods.

Thatís One Whole Year to try out what Iím teaching you Ė become a student and apply every step-by-step technique, study every detailed picture and diagram, read every advanced tip...practice EVERYTHING and become a true anal sex artist!

And if at ANY time during that year Ė even on day 365 Ė you decide you want your money back, Iíll give it to you, right away, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Plus, youíll get to keep the free bonuses.

So youíll have the free bonuses and your money - all for just giving it a try!

I know once you read The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide and understand the principles behind anal sex techniques, you will realize even $500 would have been a steal of a price - you wonít even dream of refunding!

In fact, youíll be thanking me!

Discreet - Nothing Is Ever Sent to Your House
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The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide" is 100% digital & online info which means we will never send you anything through the mail. The only people who will know about this transaction is you and us, and we will keep it that way! Also, to make sure your purchase is totally private, there will be NO reference to The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide on your bill - ever.

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I can't wait to get my hands on:

* Your step-by-step instructional ebook, pictures, diagrams and quick study guide 

* A How To Have Anal Sex Video Guide showing exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to finally do it.  All to create the most pleasurable, painfree anal sex experience ever!

* The Feel Good Anal Sex Interviews Featuring world renowned sex expert Jay Archer & Paul Bishop

* ALL 5 bonus ebooks and the intimate connection online video valued over $300...

All for a one-time investment of just $27.97!

How To Anal Sex

I understand that The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide is an eBook with mp3 audios that it is downloaded online so I will have access to everything in the next 2 minutes! I realize that my order is 100% safe with Paypal. I realize my order will be private and nobody will ever know that I have ordered this book.  

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Oh, thereís one more thing I should mention before we part ways - the price mentioned above is just meant as an introductory price to celebrate the launch of this brand new program. Because this course has literally JUST been released I want to give everyone a chance to own it and make use of my secrets.

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Master Bishop & sub samantha

Coauthors - The "Feel Good" Anal Sex Guide!

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