How To Talk Like A Dominatrix

Discover The Secrets To Making Your Submissive Putty In Your Hands And Begging To Do Whatever You Want!

No more feeling embarrassed or foolish by not knowing what to say or how to say it. Learn the secrets of how to unleash your Dominatrix Voice by
a Professional Dominatrix!

 Captivate your sub and have him treat you like the Goddess you are  

Learn The Secrets To:

 The most important factor as a Dominatrix is confidence in yourself as a Domme and in what you are saying. Eliminate your fears and frustrations and become totally comfortable with the strong sexual Dominatrix in you

 Learn the tricks of the trade of a professional Dominatrix. Apply professional Dominatrix secrets to heat up your bedroom activities

 Step-by-step Mild and Hardcore examples of exactly WHAT TO SAY!  Watch him lose control simply by how you talk to him.  

Watch as your relationship strengthens. He'll become completely mesmerized by you and won't even think of looking at another woman when you're done with him.

 Wild fun games that will have his mind racing, intensify your power and make your play sessions hotter then they've ever been before

Watch him fall deeper and deeper under your control!

Dear Mistress,

Have you ever wanted to have a man absolutely obedient to you!  To watch  them fall to their knees before you and beg to do whatever pleases you.  There is nothing sexier then having a man happily serving all your desires. The intoxicating power of commanding him as he sits on the end of you leash.

To do this your sub must be shown that this is his true place and that he is happiest here.
90% of Domination is mental.  The direct way to take control of your sub is through their ears. Nothing will get your sub more turned on and willing to do whatever you want then knowing exactly what to say to drive him wild.

No woman is born with the 'dirty talk' gene - the natural ability to talk like a Dominatrix. It's a skill you have to develop.  If you have come to this page either you are:

1) New to Domination and feeling a little embarrassed and unsure what you need to say or how you should say it to get your subs mind completely focused on you and keep it.  Talking like a Dominatrix can be uncomfortable and scary especially when just starting out.

2) Dominant Woman looking for new and hot ways to put the heat under your sub's ass.  Looking for new ideas to enhance his obedience.  If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same response.  Routine does happen to the best of us.  There is always room to learn new tricks to keep your sub's mind spinning and obedient.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to talk like and strengthen your Dominatrix voice...

Here are a few more important reasons why you must learn how to do it properly to be able to fulfill both you and your partner's fantasies.

* 98% of submissive men report hearing a Dominatrix talk dirty to them increases their excitment and desire to be submissive

* Necessary for some submissive men to become aroused or to even be able to achieve an erection

* It lets the submissive know that you're just as enthusiastic about Dominating them, which causes an increase in arousal for the submissive

* Many Women report that talking dirty like a Dominatrix helps them get into that Dominatrix headspace making them feel more confident, sexier and powerful

* BDSM and Sex only get better the more you let go and open up

* As stated by submissive men "Even BDSM is boring without sound"

There is no need to beat your partner into submission when you know the right way to talk to him!

A strong confident Dominatrix is capable of putting a submissive under her spell with just a few words.  

As you can see Dominatrix talk is crucial to getting exactly what you want out of your submissive with the least amount of resistance.  Why hurt your hand or break a sweat when you can have him weak in the knees from just one well thought out sound from your lips.

To make sure you have the best information and truly understand how to talk like a Dominatrix:

1) I interviewed Mistress Scarlet a high profile and successful professional Dominatrix, with over 8 years experience personally and professionally within bdsm. I sat down with her to understand exactly what it is that she does that gets such powerful and successful men during the day to become obedient little submissives at her heels

* How to become a sub's ultimate fantasy no matter who the sub is
* Secrets to projecting your strong confident Dominatrix self

* The difference between personal and professional Domination
* What to say but more importantly how to say it. Its that tone that will register in your sub's ears for weeks on end
* How to pull out any subs deepest desires

2) I gathered up all the Dominant Women of the bdsm training team and asked them about:

* Mild to Hardcore dirty talk that would have any man standing at attention
* The best lines they use to instantly put their submissive in his place.
* How to enhance your strong Goddess self
* Tricks they use that will have any sub eating out of your hand
* Games that will electrify your sessions and prove your power over him

3) I then put all of it to the test by having the submissive men of the bdsm training team
review all the material

* They kept all the best material that were the biggest turnons for them
* Of course they let it be known what the biggest turnoffs 
* They even made a few suprising suggestions


Don't play the guessing game.  

If you don't know how to unleash your Dominatrix voice then you need to learn how to do it the right way.  
Become comfortable with yourself and your inner Dominatrix so you aren't scared or embarrased about anything you say.  Even the slightest insecurity can be picked up by a submissive, then its hard for him to take you seriously, let alone follow your commands.

Don't forget that you are taking your submissive's wellbeing into your hands, they are making themselves vulnerable to you.  As a Dominatrix you will walk a fine line, between keeping things hot and exciting and making sure your sub is still happy with everything.
Talking like a Dominatrix is far more complicated and potentially harmful if done incorrectly.  If done properly the rewards are amazing, but there is also a greater risk that you could emotionally scar your partner and turn them off from ever wanting to do this ever again.

Learn how to talk like a Dominatrix properly, so both you and your partner can feel the new sensations with each session you have together.

Here is just a taste of what you're going to learn...


-BDSM is 90% mental.  The fastest and quickest way to any sub's mind is with a well developed set of Dominatrix verbal skills.  Without fully knowing and understanding how to talk like a Dominatrix, your sub isn't going anywhere.

-Learn how to be careful with what you say to a sub, so that you don't cause them emotional pain and scar them for life. At the same time you want to be able to do it in such a way where you won't ruin the mood.  Its a fine line, learn how to walk it.

-The are millions of different subs, all with their own unique turnons. All of these turnons can be broken down into 3 different ways of talking like a Dominatrix.  Once you understand these three aspects you will have any sub ready to explode with desire.

-Understand the core element that drives a sub and how to use it to your advantage.  Not only will this help with your dirty talk, but it will help you to create the sub that you deserve.

-You can't talk dirty to your sub until you know their deepest fantasies.  Gain secrets that will help you to open up your sub, so they feel comfortable and willing to share their most intimate thoughts.  

-Learn how to link his orgasm to just the sound of your voice.  If done right every time he hears your voice it will take all his strength not to lose control in his pants.  Command him to orgasm with just your voice!

-Build sexual anticipation that will make him absolutely wild about you!

-Learn some of the tricks of the trade of being a professional Dominatrix.   Discover how you can apply professional Dominatrix secrets to spice up your bedroom activities

-Get tasks and games that you can play with your sub that will drive both of you absolutely wild and heat up your play like never before.

-The secret to getting your man to love doing chores around the house.  Get rid of that lazy couch potatoe.  There is nothing sexier then a man doing the dishes and laundry and once you're done with him he'll love doing them.

-Simple step-by-step examples of exactly WHAT TO SAY!  Watch him lose control simply by how you talk to him.

-Professional secrets on how to get his attention and then keep it on you from that moment on.  He won't dream of looking anywhere else. You'll never be more sexually satisfied! 

-Secrets to help him let go of his inhibitions and try wild new ideas that you may have.

-One simple thing you can do to make your sub more vulnerable to you, and willing to obey.  This is a professional Dominatrix trick that works every time.  Even if you aren't confident or secure yet as a Dominatrix, this will help you to show your true female power

-What to say to instantly get your sub on their knees and begging to serve you.

-Don't use the same tone and expression with everything. Hear the different tones you should use depending on what you are going to say and the type of scene you are in. The slightest change in tone can send your sub over the edge.

-Discover an erogenous zone that I never even knew existed and when not expecting it can send shivers through your sub's body.  Especially when they're all tied up.

-Learn exactly how to handle some of the most sensitive areas. Instead of tickling and distracting them from the important instructions you are giving, it will reinforce what you've said and keep all of their focus solely on you.

-Just the slightest suggestion can do all the work for you and have their imagination to running wild. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

-If your partner is upset, learn How to say things so that you don't destroy the mood and are able to keep things going

-The #1 mood killer - make sure you and your sub both avoid this.  There is nothing like ending a scene before it has even started.

-Discover techniques that will instantly grab their attention increasing the power and importance of what you say 10 fold.

-Learn the secret to creating the most intense mindblowing volcanic orgasm that they have ever felt. They won't even be able to move when you're done with them.

-You've heard the saying "clothes make a man"  Well they also make a perfect sub, get them into the mood you want by making them wear the appropriate clothing

-Just the sight of a Dominatrix in full wardrobe can force any man to submit.  If you get the key essentials right.  

-What to say to seduce your partner and have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

-How to turn your partner on and have them cleaned up, naked and on their knees with a pretty bow around their neck before you've even seen them or walked through your front door.

-What to say to create images within your subs mind that will drive him wild and can be just as effective as the real thing.  You don't even have to do anything, all you have to do is let his mind work.

-Learn hot and wild fantasies you can talk about during a session that will have him begging for climax.

-Talking about fantasies can be wild and a lot of fun for both you and your sub, but they can also be scary and upsetting.  Before you talk about any fantasies you need to know when it is appropriate and when it is not. 

-Learn the secrets to making sure your sub is safe and eager to continue without  completely stopping the scene and ruining the mood. 

-You should refuse to play with your partner useless they have taken care of this one vital point.

-What to do if your partner isn't happy or is actually upset about what went on.  This is very important because if you don't know how to handle this and make sure your sub is ok, you'll be playing with yourself for a long time.

-Rules that should never be broken as a personal and professional Dominatrix

-Don't be stagnant with your bedroom fun, get fresh new ideas to incorporate into you bdsm play

-Key ways to open up communication and build trust with your partner.  Without both of these elements in your relationship you won't be doing any Dominating.

-What to do with beginners so you don't scare them away, make them hate everything you do and emotionally scar them forever

-Learn fun quick games that will have his mind racing, intensify your power and make your play sessions hotter then they've ever been

-Its important to keep your subs eye on the prize and to prevent them from easily being distracted

-Every man needs to have his ego boosted from time to time.  Make him feel like a million dollars and it will motivate him to do far more for you then ever before.

-Mild or Hardcore - use only the dirty talk that you feel comfortable with and over time as your confidence builds you will feel the intensity of your play sessions grow

-A small yet powerful trick that will stirrup exciting and lustful emotions within him.  He'll start relating these feelings directly to you. You will become a Goddess in his eyes.
This one technique will create extremely powerful feelings within him so be careful when using it.

Don't forget this is also is about you and getting you what you deserve:

- Gain confidence and become comfortable with the strong sexual Dominatrix in you.  

- Eliminate your fears and never feel foolish or embarrassed about what you do ever again

-The one exercise that you can do that will get you sounding like a professional dominatrix in no time.  Top professionals in public speaking use it all the time, actors and yes even presidents. Now you can apply it as well.  Your sub will be blown away by the difference.

- How to get your sub to only fantasize about you and have him what he has been thinking to you

- Empower and Liberate yourself to realize your sensuality! Watch the affect this has on  men as you become completely irresistible.

...and so much more

 You'll get all this within...
READ MY LIPS: The How To Talk Like A Dominatrix Program

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This isn't just some guide talking about how to talk dirty.  This is a complete program designed and created to help build your confidence and harness your power as a Dominatrix.  To truly  understand your partner and to be able to have him wild with passion from just a few well placed words. To strengthen the connection between you and your partner and intensify all your bedroom experiences.

How To Talk Dirty* Learn the secrets of a Professional Dominatrix.  Understand how she is capable of getting some of the most powerful men found in the business world on their knees following her every command.  She is going to tell you how to get into the mind of your submissive.  The importance of what to say and even how to say it to get the best response from your partner. 

* Don't forget the BDSM training team of Dominant Women and submissive men got together and gave their strategies, tactics, games and techniques. Including step by step examples of exactly what you can say to drive your partner wild. All of this knowledge, is written down for you to follow simply and easy in the complete How To Talk Like A Dominatrix Program.  You will be lead step by step through each obstacle, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

* To make sure that everything is as clear as possible I sat down with Mistress Scarlet and picked her brian for over an hour and a half on everything she knows both personally and professional on how to talk like a Dominatrix.  Which you can hear every last hot detail in this audio interview. (Value $250)

* A full professional transcription of the interview with Mistress Scarlet to make sure you don't miss a single word. (Value $100)

* Hot date coming over and still not sure what to say? No problem, just open up the Study Guide to quickly and easily refresh your memory.  If your partner was blindfolded you could even read it word for word and he wouldn't even know the difference. (Value $47)

* Don't forget the fun games that can be added into any session to create an unforgetable night.  No extra equipment or toys needed to use these games.  All you need is a partner, your voice and everything you have learned in the program to wake up your neighbors with all the intense screaming. (Value $37)

This is the only program online designed specifically to teach you how to harness your Dominatrix voice and unleash it at will upon your partner.

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"I Am Really Feeling More Confident In This New Role"
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 Yes, I want to learn how to unleash My Dominatrix Voice and drive My sub completely wild with just a few words from My lips!

Simply grab your copy of the “How To Talk Like A Dominatrix Program” to quickly and easily learn step by step from an experienced team of Professional and personal Dominants and submissives. 

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Don't stick with the same routine or fumble your way through a Dom/sub session not knowing what to say. If you are even the slightest bit uncomfortable or unsure your partner will sense it and it will ruin the mood.

Discover how to unleash your inner Dominatrix voice and create experiences that you have only dreamed about. Your partner will hang on your every word and place you on the pedistal that you deserve to be held.  Once you understand these professional secrets will you finally be able to  create mindblowing sessions, and be able to get whatever your little heart desires.  

Not only will your sub worship the ground you walk on, he'll have permanent blinders on for every other woman in the world.  I'm confident after learning how to talk like a Dominatrix, he'll be puddy in your hands.  All you have to do is mold him into what you want! 

Here's to a stronger, more confident You,

Mistress Scarlett, Master Bishop & the BDSM training team

Authors of "Read My Lips: How To Talk Like A Dominatrix Program"

P.S.  I know talking dirty and expressing your inner Dominatrix can be uncomfortable and scary, but if you don't learn how to unleash that inner Diva you'll never be able to get everything you deserve from your partner!   In fact if your partner desperately wants you to Dominate them and you aren't comfortable with it they most likely will start to look else where to find that strong confident Dominatrix. Live your ultimate fantasy and create experiences that'll have your partner drooling over you!

So grab it now while it's still fresh in your mind, and before the celebration launch is over and the price goes up!

P.P.S. If you don't grab the How To Talk like A Dominatrix Program today how are you planning on learning how to unleash your true Dominatrix Voice?  Make your dream a reality!


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