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Online Female Slave Training

Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

Experience What You Have Dreamed About For So Long!

Learn Step-By-Step How It Feels To Go From Beginner To Experienced Slave, By Serving A Strong Dominant Master

Become the type of submissive Dominant Men Desire With One-on-One Female Submissive Training With Master Bishop

Dear submissive,

Imagine...An Experience Like No Other!
Now Is Your Chance To Serve

Feel your heart race, and your head spin as you listen to Master Bishop directing your every movement.  His voice will hypnotize and force you to obey.

Train to become a proper submissve. Gain the knowledge and experience that a Dominant looks for in submissive women.

 Master Bishop is taking valuable time out of His busy schedule to personally lead you through your training. 

Soft and sensual or strong and hard, your body will experience new heights of sensations.  Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. 

  Discreet -   All your assignments can be done in private. Nobody will ever know your dirty little secret.

Discover the thrill of being controlled!

"Since Starting Training With You i Have Been In A Constant State Of Arousal..."


i wish to thank you Master Bishop.  Your training is truly fulfilling and invaluable to my personal journey.  Each lesson has allowed me to re-evaluate my goals and examine myself much more closely then ever before.

i finally understand that slave training is not just physical and under Your training i am able to explore the mental and spiritual aspects as well.

Your Dominance is powerful, thought-provoking, inspiring, clear and concise.  There is never a moment of confusion while listening to You.  Since starting training with You i have been in a constant state of arousal and have finally realized that this life is really for me.

Thank you Master Bishop,

trainee m

"She Is Standing Taller And Walking Straighter...."


This trainee knows that she started this lesson plan on a whim, she had been receiving emails from Mistress Sophia for a while and for the most part had simply deleted them, saying to herself ‘you are no longer in that world’, but she opened the email that led her to your training programme and on an impulse she signed up.  What she has found is that what started as a whim is moving into something else entirely, you are making her question so much about herself and how she acts on a day to day basis.  

She had just let herself go, believing that she was not worth anything and was not attractive in anyway, but since beginning this training, listening to your lessons and completing your daily tasks she has begun to wake up to all the wonders that are contained within her and her absolute basic need to be a woman who can serve and who is desired.  She is standing taller and walking straighter and beginning to eat better and she is sure that by continuing with your training she will find her real place in this world.

With Thanks,

trainee s

"You Have Made My Dreams Come True"


This trainee would describe this training as one of the most wonderfully life-altering experiences which this trainee has ever experienced. It has allowed this trainee to finally experience the beauty of submission under the direction of a strong and wise Dominant. You have made my dreams come true.  

trainee j

Experience Submissive Training Like Never Before Using Ancient Philosophies Combined With Modern Dom/sub Techniques...While Learning At Your Own Pace

If you’re like most submissive women chances are good that you are having a hard time 

1) Learning about the submissive lifestyle and how to be a proper slave.  It is hard and very complicated to understand the proper ettiquette, grace and style of an art form that has been passed down for centuries.  Especially when most Dominants don't know anything about the ancient philosophies.

2) No matter how badly you want to serve and believe you won't be happy until you are on your knees in front of a Dominant Man, there are just too many submissive women and not enough Dominant Men who know and understand how to safely teach and train.  

The desire to serve is there, but the person to serve is not.  Well luckily, Master Bishop has been gracious enough to take time from His busy schedule to show a select few of you the finer art of the submissive. To give you the opportunity to feel the sensations of submission, the sting of punishment, the pleasure of pleasing another and the poise, elegance and presence of a Geisha.  Combining both modern and past training styles.  I think we all owe Master Bishop a debt of gratitude for being so generous.  

    "Life Never Felt As Good As When You Put Me In My Proper Place!"


    Thank you Master Bishop for training me.  i can't not obey you.  i am a far better submissive having learned everything i know from you. Life never felt as good as when you put me in my proper place.

    With my highest respects,

    sub g 


    "Thank You For Making Me Into A Better Submissive"


    Master Bishop, you have a knowledge of Dominance that I never knew existed.  How you use ancient Geisha philosophies with submissive training is breathtaking.  I have learned so much.  

    Thank you for making me into a better submissive 

    submissive r 

    Now Here Is What You Can Experience Through Your Training With Master Bishop

 Experience first hand the joys, sensations and thrills of being submissive.

Step-By-Step lessons so there's no confusion in following any commands

 Ancient secrets that have been used to enhance a woman's femininity.  Watch your submission grow faster and become irresistible to men.  Knowing these secrets will cause heads to turn.

Learn from a true Master that will have you begging to be put on your knees

Tasks and assignments that will stretch your submission and have you learning more about yourself then ever before

Watch your imagination become reality with each Command

 See yourself developing into a submissive that most Dominant Men find irresistable!   

Beginner or advanced, you will learn and grow within Master Bishop's guidance.

All your appetites will be explored and utilized.  That is just the beginning!

 No more fumbling around to get what you're after. Resistance is futile! 

Your knees will be weak as Master Bishop's voice fills your ears and takes hold of your desires. 

Discover how even the slightest touch is heightened. Resist the restraints and feel the most intense orgasms of your entire life!

You will learn more about yourself and your body then ever before

Designed for your pleasure but also to follow a safe, sane and consensual experience.  

Learn about what to look for in future Dominant Men you choose to serve

 Discover training exercises that you can utilize by yourself or with a partner to enhance your submission.

    ...and MUCH more!

The problem is Master Bishop currently only has time to train 5 submissives

  • Experience doesn't matter, only an eagerness to serve.

  • Time is not an issue as you can complete the training as fast or as slow as your life allows you too
  • you must be over 18 years old to enter training or the appropriate age of a consenting adult in your local area and born a female.

Once those 5 spots fill up thats it.  He will no longer accept anymore submissives to train and W/we have no idea when He will have time to accept anybody else. 

No stone of your submission will be left unturned.  

Completely Private NO one will ever know about your training or desires!

"I Have Never Been So Excited In My Life"


It has been an honor to be trained and guided by you in my submission. Not only did I learn so much from your teachings, but I have never been so excited in my life.  

Your ability to understand a submissive's mind and body and utilize that in Your training took my breath away every time.  i know now that this is where i am meant to be. 

Thank you Master Bishop, i will carry your training with me always. 

Respectfully yours,

submissive e 

"The Most Amazing Thing Happened On The Second Lesson..."

The most amazing thing happened on the second lesson when this trainee was listening to you Trainer, she came exactly when you asked her to and has to thank you, Trainer, so much for an mind blowing orgasm, which grew in intensity until she was gasping for breath. It took her a while to calm down and she used the five minutes you had given her in very deep gratefulness for the wonder that you had allowed her to experience.  She was so glad that she had not disappointed her Trainer and had completely followed his instructions during the week.  It felt very strange following your orders as she had been playing with your pussy as requested during the lesson and did not in anyway feel that she was about to come, yet as soon as you ordered her to come, her body responded beyond anything she had felt before and the orgasm continued on for far longer than any other orgasm she has ever had.

With gratitude,
trainee s

As a postscript to this Trainer, your trainee’s pussy has not yet truly calmed down from completing her lesson and it was very hard to complete her duties this morning without coming again.

"How Does One Begin To Thank Someone For Helping Them To Become A Stronger, More Confident, Healthier And Happier Person?"

How does one begin to thank someone for helping them to become a stronger, more confident, healthier and happier person?
These are just some of the gifts you have given me by taking the time and effort to train me to become the best submissive/slave that I can.
When I began my training with your on-line Female Submissive course I knew that I made the right decision. Your course and handbook are extremely comprehensive and detailed. I felt as though I had finally found someone who not only knew what I needed but was willing to provide me with the knowledge and guidance to achieve my desired goals. When I finished the course I was hungry for more of your time and knowledge and without having to ask you offered me the greatest opportunity, to learn from You personally one on one with your On-Line training.
Trainer (Master Bishop), You are a generous Master who has so unselfishly taken your time to help me.  I began this journey with absolutely nothing but an idea of what I thought being a submissive was and now through Your patience, guidance and training I can see and appreciate what it takes to truly be a submissive/slave to my Master.
Because of you I am more confident about whom I am. I feel beautiful, sexy, strong, healthy and happier than I have before. My amazing husband who is taking this journey with me has already commented on how graceful and obedient I have become but even more than that, we are developing a deeper stronger relationship through communication and mutual respect for you and the training you have been providing me. Through you I am learning the art of being not only a submissive/slave but also a strong, patient desirable woman. I am in a constant state of growth and positive development. I feel like a butterfly just waiting to shed my cocoon and emerge as the graceful, beautiful, submissive I’ve always hoped to be.
Thank you seems so trite to express how grateful I am for all you have given me so far and all I hope to learn as Your trainee.   Please know that I will always cherish and respect You for Your dedication, time and willingness to take this woman from trainee to hopefully submissive.
With all my gratitude, and respect, Thank You.
Your trainee k

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