A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master

i am a submissive/slave 24/7 to my Master. The journey began 21 years ago as Husband and wife and over the past 3 years has grown into the Master/slave, Total Power Exchange lifestyle i am honored and blessed to share with my Master/Husband. i’m certain this all sounds wonderful and romantic, erotic and fun; Living 24/7 in bondage or in a constant state of sexual arousal. Having all your fantasies and desires fulfilled while kneeling at the feet of your Master. Well yes, in many ways it is, but not always.

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Join me for a Typical Monday

Being a submissive/slave is an amazingly beautiful life for me. It is also a life that requires focus, strength, dedication and a host of skills. There are times when i look at my weekly schedule and daily chores and tasks and ask myself,where will you find the energy and time and oh, by the way, happy little slave when does the fun sexy kinky part begin?

Come on admit it, we are human after all. We do feel overwhelmed at times. Mondays it seems can be the most difficult for me. After spending the entire weekend literally 24/7 with Master i always seem to feel a bit lost and unfocused on Mondays. It seems to take me longer to get moving but my day still begins at 5:00am.


Feeling Master gently kiss my lips in the morning is the best alarm clock a slave can have. i reach up, pull Him closer, desperate for His warmth and the scent of Him. i whisper, “ good morning Master.” A quick peck on my forehead and He is gone to the bathroom to prepare for His day. Rolling over with a slight growl and a stretch i get up, take care of my immediate needs and off to the kitchen to make Master’s coffee and lunch.

Having received instructions Sunday night for His lunch preparation and any other needs He has for me to accomplish before He leaves for His day i get promptly to work.


Master’s morning coffee is placed at the table waiting for Him and i am brewing His second to go cup and making lunch. Master drinks His coffee in silence. gets up from the table and comes to the kitchen. i stop what I am doing turn to face Him lift my Hair stand in collar position and wait as Master removes my bedtime collar and replaces it with my day collar. Memories of the beautiful weekend flood my mind as Master takes me in His arms kisses me and wishes me a good day.

As He steps back i reach up in protest of His leaving. Gathering His coffee, lunch and keys He requests a quick rundown of my plans for the day. Completing my report at the door Master says “Very well, your day seems full and i have no other tasks or instruction for you at this time.”

“Thank you Sir, do You have a request for dinner this evening”

Master replies “surprise Me” and with a final kiss and a smack on His submissive bottom He leaves for the day.


i am standing in the kitchen holding Sir’s coffee cup feeling empty and lost. i need coffee. First tip of the day; i love using Master’s morning coffee cup. When He leaves in the morning i rinse it and use it to prepare my own coffee. No need to dirty a second cup and i get to taste Master’s delicious lips every time i sip from it. Best coffee ever. Coffee in hand i go to the office to check the calendar and plan my day.

Since i have a weekly schedule of chores and tasks i know that today is Bathroom cleaning (both). Monday is also the first of two laundry days and a gym day. Fortunately there are no other appointments for the day so i just need to get myself going. While finishing my coffee i begin to plan tonight’s dinner. Carefully inventorying my supplies and deciding on what meal to make. i love when Master gives me permission to surprise Him. Cooking or more appropriately preparing a meal for Master is an entire scene all by itself. Keep reading trust me, You’ll see.

Ok, moving along now, Dinner is planned the day is planned and coffee is done; Still having trouble getting motivated. i place my cup in the sink, walk past the washer and dryer and decide to begin there. i have a couple of reasons for beginning my chores with laundry. Once you sort and put it in the machine and push the button you are free for at least 30 – 45 min to work on another task. When that first load of laundry is in i feel a bit more motivated, one task is partly done in less than 15min. You go girl!!!


Bathrooms. Gathering all the cleaning supplies i need, i proceed to the master- bathroom to strip put on my cleaning gloves and clean it. Master would have me wear a uniform (or not) to clean the entire home but having O/our family reside with U/us creates some limitation. However, the master bedroom and bathroom can be locked; i am free to clean in uniform (naked with anal jewel). While scrubbing, i like to reflect on the weekend and on my growth as a submissive and areas that need work or perhaps some new areas i would like to explore. i also take this time to practice slave positions. When you have a busy schedule you need to learn to work things in where you can.

* Tip; i practice staying in forced position the entire time i am bending down cleaning the toilet. i practice kneeling and standing as gracefully as possible while cleaning the walls of the shower. i also practice bodily control, keeping my anal jewel in place while moving around and cleaning.


Master bath done. Remove anal Jewel, dress in comfortable sweats and move the cleaning to Main Bathroom.

Tip 2 – try to keep bathroom specific supplies in each bathroom. Toilet gels, cleaners, and sponges, less to carry from room to room. Before beginning the second bathroom i stop in the kitchen, move wash to dryer and begin another load of clothes push the button and voila another task done. i make a quick healthy breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and another cup of coffee. i don’t know about other submissives/slaves but i have been known to miss breakfast in the past. That is no longer allowed.


Breakfast out of the way, dishes rinsed and put into the dishwasher time to tackle next bathroom. So are we having fun yet?… Truthfully, i absolutely am. The entire time i am moving from task to task i’m thinking about how hard Master works to provide for U/us and how it pleases him to come home to a clean well-kept and organized home, how generous He is in showing His pride and appreciation for my service. i am comforted in the knowledge that what i do allows Master to completely focus His attentions at work, confident i have the home front all taken care of. Yes my heart is full, i have purpose.


Bathrooms are complete, cleaning supplies are put away. Dryer has stopped and 2nd wash needs to be dried. My dad (who i care for) is still asleep so i decide to continue on laundry. Tip: Folding clothes, stand in request position; feet shoulder length apart i bend at the waist as if in “present ass” position and pull the clothing out one garment at a time. Bend, stand, fold, and bending again, into the laundry basket until all the clothes are folded and in the basket, practice, practice, practice.

Move 2nd wash into dryer push button and off to put folded laundry away.


Dad wakes and is ready for breakfast. i prepare breakfast and place the newspaper in front of him . We chat a bit about how he is feeling and conclude He is up for a swim at the local YMCA. While dad finishes breakfast i pack our gym bags, wash up and dress for the gym.


Clean up dad’s breakfast and send Master a text. Master requires i check in with him throughout the day so this is a perfect time to report my progress and dad’s status as well. Master is always concerned about our well-being, Dad’s in particular and He certainly has enough to be concerned with while at work so i make every effort to keep him informed. i also take this opportunity to show Him how much He is missed and loved and desired….Perhaps a bit of sexting just to tease a bit… A great way for me to refocus again on Master and not the chores for the remainder of the day.


Gym bags in hand, Dad and i leave for the gym. Dad goes off to the pool for some exercise, mostly floating but he absolutely loves the pool. Across the hall i’m in the gym doing circuit and cardio. This is a great place for self-practice and discipline and to sneak in a bit of recreation as well. My workout starts with upper body and while exercising my arms – Tip; i do kegel exercises. Yes, for each rep i pull or push with my arms i also squeeze and release the inner walls of my vagina… This helps with muscle control, vaginal health and a host of other fun things. Now you may be saying i’m young i don’t have to worry about that.. Well think again, these muscles need to be exercised and the benefits can be extremely pleasing to you and to your Master.

Tip: i practice counting. One Sir, Two Sir, Three Sir, do this after each set or when the set becomes strained. Counting for Sir, helps gives me that extra push i sometimes need. Knowing that everything i do for my health and well-being i am also doing for Master gives me strength and determination to complete each set and push myself. This is good training for staying focused and counting while in a scene.

Tip; i love to read so i squeeze a little recreational/educational time in by reading while doing my cardio. Kindle has text to speech so i am able to listen to my books while jogging on the treadmill.


Workout complete time to head home for lunch, afternoon tasks and prepare for Master’s return home. Quick stop at the market to pick up a few items needed for tonight’s dinner.


Home, gym bags emptied, groceries put away, time to prepare lunch. The 2nd load of laundry from this morning is dried and ready to be folded and put away.


Lunch is finished, i set Dad up for his afternoon of napping and TV shows, clean up the lunch mess and i am ready to continue my day.


Most of Monday’s chores are done; i have exercised, practiced some slave positions, kegel exercises and enjoyed some reading. Now it is time to shower and prepare for Master. This by far is my favorite part of the day. Today’s shower must begin earlier since i need to wash, dry and style my hair. i have long thick hair so drying and styling can take up to an hour.

Tip: Know how long it takes to prepare for your Master. When you are instructed to be showered dressed and ready in 15 min you don’t want to disappoint. Knowing exactly how to accomplish this will ease your own stress. Be prepared with different bathing techniques or options to accommodate time schedules. For example; if i don’t wash my hair i can shower and be ready within 15 – 30 min depending on the dress requirements.


Showered, hair done, make-up done, now what to wear . If you have read some of my previous posts you may have noticed that when given the opportunity to “Surprise Master” with a dinner meal i attempt to, create an entire theme, ambiance with physical appearance, costume/dress, and an atmosphere that is suitable to the dish I am preparing. It becomes part of the surprise. Tonight i am preparing Green bell peppers stuffed with ground beef and rice, in tomato sauce with a side green salad. This is a simple meal and can be ready in 1 hr. from start to finish. This is an economical meal filled with nourishment and rich, full, bold, hearty flavors. i see it being prepared in a cozy country kitchen, for my strong, sweaty, hardworking Cowboy/Sir. Oh yes!!! The Fun Part..


Dressed in low rise jeans, tight in all the right places, a sheer white midriff top, tied at the waist, white lace bra and panties, a white leather belt and white sandals. Hair has soft cascading curl up in a ponytail (all the better for Master to hold onto…) completely energized and fully re-charged i begin to feel sparks tingling all over my body. The beat of my heart getting faster, can feel my excitement growing with the anticipation of Master‘s return home to enjoy a delicious hot meal and an even hotter, house keeper/cook/ranch hand/slave girl. 

4:30 pm:

Dinner is on the stove cooking and it is time to set the table. Tip: Prepare the table as Dinner is cooking and clean all used utensils bowls and dishes as you go about cooking. This makes after dinner clean up easier and faster, providing more time to spend with Master. i look up at the clock, and see it is almost 5:15, Master will be home any moment. Heart is beginning to race. I’m beginning that slow sweet climb to my ultimate goal of the day, that moment when Master returns home.


Master is home and i am in the kitchen waiting anxiously, to greet Him. Entering the kitchen He puts His lunch bag and keys on the counter and no matter how His work day was, Master always takes me hard, pulling me into his arms, kissing me and claiming me as His, leaving me weak and breathless. Reaching up on tiptoes i wrap my arms around his neck and hungrily return the passion of His kiss. When He releases me, i smile graciously, softly saying “Welcome Home Master, Your slave missed You.”

Stepping back, Master, takes a long slow look at his submissive. Showing no expression He says, “Something smells delicious, what time will dinner be ready to serve?”

Sir, i am ready to serve when You say, Sir…. i promptly reply.

“Good”  He says, “i will freshen up and be ready in 15min” “Oh and girl you look good enough to eat” 

As i follow Master down the hall to O/our bedroom to assist Him in getting comfortable and ready for dinner all i can think about is how much i want to ride that cowboy or visa versa.


The balance of the evening belongs to Master and although my day as a slave was full and exhausting i am at peace kneeling here at Master’s feet, warm, complete, and safe in His care. my day began at 5:00am with Master’s kiss and end sometime after 10:00pm with Master’s kiss . Tomorrow 5:00am begins anew. i hope you enjoyed spending the day with me and found some of my tips helpful.

Perhaps you have some tips you would like to share? i would love to hear from you.


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8 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master”

  1. Hi Kathleen. I envy your lifestyle but am very happy that you have achieved what makes both you and your Master happy.
    Regards, Sandy

  2. kathleen – Master Bishop e-mailed about this recently and it’s a post for which I’ve been searching. I read it over a year ago and it really changed my attitude about housework. Shifting my focus from the drudgery of housework itself to taking joy in serving my husband by keeping the house for him has really made a wonderful difference. I’m bookmarking it now so I can re-read this for inspiration and share this with others. Thank you for sharing your joy in submission not just in the fun kinky activities but also in the practical day-to-day tasks and service to your Master.
    With gratitude,

    1. Beth,
      Thank you for your kind words. It is so wonderful to know that you are enjoying your service and your new found focus. It was my hope to offer help and guidance based on my personal experience and journey, so thank you for bookmarking and sharing this with others.
      I wish you love, peace and happiness in your journey.
      With respect and gratitude,
      slave kathleen

  3. Kathleen,
    Thank you greatly for this article. Sometimes i think there is no way to get all the work done, work a full time job and still practice for Sir. This post helps me realize the benifit of keeping everything in order. I believe having a chore list for each day will greatly improve my efficiency. I tend to get overwhelmed with all there is to do. Thank you very much for sharing your day.

  4. My Master requested I read this. He believes you are a good model for me, despite having a full time job. I agree. Your post has helped me figure a few things out and showed me some neat new techniques. Thank you so much. I’ll bet your Master is quite pleased.

  5. Thank you for the invite to your routine. My Master pointed me here and.i absolutely love the read and how informative and educational this is. I appreciate the time you have taken to share so much. I will be looking and reading all I can here. I am fulfilled in service no matter what the task because it is of course for Sir.

    In closing I will be sharing this info for other lifestyle members. I appreciated it and I’m sure they will as well.

    Best regards,

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