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I am currently looking for one live in female (born) submissive. This does not mean 24/7. I believe every relationship is unique and needs to be developed around both partner’s interests and desires. It does not matter where you live. I am willing to relocate the right submissive. Experience is not necessary, only the willingness and desire to be submissive.

I would like someone who I can become friends with first and then progress training from there. I want to be able to talk with her, to share with her what I’m thinking and feeling. I also want her to be able to feel comfortable opening up and talking to Me about what she is thinking and feeling.

I’m looking for a submissive who I can protect and take care of their needs and desires. In return that submissive will take care of My needs and support Me. A perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies. To develop a truly deep connection between two people.

I believe in Dominating through love and sensuality. I take my Domination very serious. I believe submission is a gift not a right. I show respect to all as I believe you must lead by example. If you want to be respected you must show it as well. My style of Domination can be described as strong, yet sensual and understanding. Open communication and trust is a must and I live by building them not destroying them. This way I can truly understand a sub, who they are, their desires and dreams.

Currently I am only seeking a submissive female of legal consenting age that is:
* 33 years of age and under
* Was born female
* Of sound mind and body
* Someone who is interested in being a submissive within a serious Dom/sub relationship

Don’t be shy, if you are interested in becoming My submissive please email Me at


Master Bishop

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