An enema is the simple task of putting water up into the anus to clean out any remaining fecal matter in the bowel.

Water is pushed up into the rectum and then as it mixes with the matter that is present, your body then flushes it out into the toilet for disposal.

When people have severe problems with constipation, an enema might be administered to help relieve the discomfort and eliminate the blockage.

While a medical solution to begin with for many people the act of the enema is a truly arousing and intoxicating fetish.

The reasoning behind incorporating enema play into BDSM varies dependent on the individual.

  • Some love the taboo naughty dirty aspect of it
  • Some love the clinical and medical aspect to the process
  • Some love the full feeling of the water inside them
  • Others enjoy the humiliation aspect of the enema being administered
  • and others just want to feel clean before an intense anal scene

How you decide to enjoy your enema fetish is dependent on you and your partner.

However, know administering an enema can be quite time consuming and, so it’s not something that’s usually done regularly. And actually, enemas should not be done on a regular basis as your body can become too ‘used’ to them and ‘forget’ how to expel waste on its own. Not to mention expelling a lot of good healthy bacteria in your gut that is needed to breakdown food for nourishment.

Some people can also upset the balance of electrolytes in their body from doing too many enemas as the water expelled does take the body’s electrolytes and water with it.

Lastly, enemas can become addictive, so it’s best to limit your use of them.

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What Do You Need For An Enema?

For an enema, you can simply buy an enema kit that is able to hold its own water source.

This enema kit should include:

An enema bag/container

This bag may be reusable or not, depending on your preference and your likelihood of repeating an enema. The reusable bags will cost a bit more, but when you plan to do enemas more than once, it can be more affordable in the long run. You can also find enema buckets that take the place of a bag. They can hold a lot more water, but you can add as much or as little water as you like.

An enema tip

This is the part that will go directly into your rectum. It can help to apply some lubricant to the end to make this easier. Do not use a douche tip, as a douche tip shoots liquid out the side. An enema tip shoots straight up, to fill your intestine with fluid.


You will need tubing that will go from the bag of room temp water to the enema tip.


This will help to control the water as it’s being passed into your rectum. The harder you clamp the tub from the bag to your anus, the less water that will flow in.

Distilled Water

As for the water that goes into the bag, it is best to use distilled water which can be purchased at a local pharmacy. If you can not get distilled water, then use filtered water that has been boiled (and cooled to room temperature) to reduce potentially harmful parasites and/or bacteria that can cause sickness. Never use boiling hot water for an enema, always give the water time to cool to room temperature. You do not want to scorch the inside of your intestines. Do not use tap water, there are many parasites, bacteria and other waste and impurities found in regular water supplies. If you introduce these impurities to your intestinal tract you can become ill.

With that said, it is always best to use distilled water. You will need approximately two to three quarts of liquid. Start off with less and then slowly work your way up to more if you like.

There are more basic enema kits you can get from your local pharmacy or medical supply store. You can find things like an enema syringe which is a ball syringe to expel water into your rectum, one ball at a time. But this isn’t a very easy way to do a thorough cleansing as you can’t put that much water into your rectum at a time.

Additionally, some pharmacies carry a pre-measured cleansing enema called a Fleet Enema. Which is just a simple disposable option.

How Do I Position Myself To Receive The Enema

If you’re the one receiving the enema, you will need to put your body into a position that’s comfortable enough for you, but also allows the water to sit in your insides until it’s ready to be expelled.

Here are some common positions that tend to work best:

With time and some experimentation, you will find the position that works best for you or for your partner.

For some people, there is a surge of excitement from the giving or receiving of the enema itself, so if that is the case, this process can be added as a part of your sexual exploration as well.

How To Perform An Enema

If you’re using a Fleet enema, the instructions  can be found in the package and are quite simple, but if you want to use the enema bag/container setup, here is what you need to do:

Try not to rush the enema. Massage your stomach as you go to help you relax.

The best place to do this enema is in the bathroom, for obvious reasons. When you’re ready to expel the water, you’re right next to the toilet so you can get up and allow the water to be released.

Some other pointers for enemas:

  • Drink a lot of water in the hours before you get started. This will help prevent any dehydration.
  • Relax – slow, deep calming breaths

Having a sense of humour when you’re giving or receiving an enema is the best way to get over the initial ‘weirdness’ that you might encounter. This isn’t necessarily something that will work immediately and perfectly, so be ready to laugh and have fun doing it.

You can always try again. And as long as you’re being safe, you won’t be causing any harm. Again, if you can’t seem to get it right you can always go to a professional and have them administer the enema.

So no pressure, well except from the enema that is.

Enema Recipes

You can also add other ingredient to use with your distilled water for different effects:
  • Coffee
  • Herbal tea
  • Salt water
  • Probiotics
  • Salts
  • Oils
  • Etc.
If you’ve done a few normal enemas with distilled water, and you want to try other enema solutions to change things up here are a few ideas:

But since you’re probably newer to enemas, stick with distilled for now. Of course, there are professionals that specialize in administering enemas if you that is something you would prefer. They handle the preparation, ingredient mixtures and cleanup, so all you have to do is lay back and relax into the ride.

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