Every Journey Begins With That First Step

BDSM is an advanced form of intimate expression that more and more consenting adults are participating in. Despite its growing popularity, BDSM is still a highly criticized and misunderstood form of sensual expression to date.

The BDSM Training Academy is dedicated to expanding and growing lifestyle positive awareness around BDSM and associated kinks and fetishes. To help educate responsible people around the specialized knowledge and skills required to enhance pleasurable experiences and avoid preventable mistakes.

It is essential that you learn these skills before you play…Now you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

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Dominatrix Training
Dominatrix Standing Over Submissive

Discover the secrets to having your submissive begging to worship at your feet

Learn to Unleash your Inner Dominatrix and excite your submissive like no one has ever done before.

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Male Dominant Training
Male Dominant Training Submissive

Become the Dominant they have dreamed of and inspire them to serve your every command

Step Inside To Unleash your true dominant nature and fulfill both of your most intense desires

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Female Sub Training
Submissive Training in complete bliss

Make your Dominant proud. Learn how to become an obedient submissive that is capable of serving Their desires before They even realize they have them.

Crawl inside and learn the secrets to begin your journey to becoming Their perfect submissive.

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Male Sub Training
Male Submissive Training With Dominatrix

Learn how to become the submissive your Dominant brags about to all their friends.

Crawl inside and become the ideal slave for your Dominant

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The BDSM Toy Shop Banner

W/we know how hard it is to find quality BDSM gear!  Everyone at the BDSM Training Academy has struggled with this dilemma.  There is nothing worst than buying a new piece of fetish gear only to rush home in excitement and become instantly disappointed once the box is open.

Avoid this kind of disappointment.  W/we only offer the same high quality gear that W/we personally use here at the BDSM Training Academy.  If W/we haven’t tested it and it has not met O/our high standards W/we won’t ever offer it.

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