Hi Master Bishop & Mistress Sophia,

I have been Keenly studying the material i get from you and this material is helping me a lot in understanding BDSM and adopting the life style. This e mail abut the ‘positions’ has been one of the best gifts from you. Since last 5 days, i have been practicing the ‘slave sitting’ position and i must admit that this posture has given me another level of satisfaction. I am cyber serving a DOM and for last 5 days, i have been applying the slave sitting position while being on Skype with my DOM as well as while at home and it gives me immense pleasure. my DOM also appreciates me sitting like this and this appreciation is the biggest pride for me.

I am extremely grateful to you for such a comprehensive, informative and knowledgeable e-course. i hope to learn a lot more from this course to turn my self into the most obedient submissive any DOM could ever have.


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The Best Gifts From You

I just wanted to thank you for your time, help and insight as I/we continue on our journey. You have helped me so much and made me think about things that had never crossed my mind. I thoroughly enjoy your e-mails and read each eagerly, looking forward to the next.

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Made Me Think About Things That Had Never Crossed My Mind

I met my Master online a year ago on my birthday. We’re in a Long Distance Relationship. A few months in I realized I wasn’t serving him to my full potential. I knew I could serve him better, so I sought out help. I looked for months for some good legitimate help. I didn’t want just anyone’s advice, but I knew I’d find help one day. I was about to give up hope after a few months worth of searching.

I asked my Master if it was alright that I sought out some training so I could serve him better, and at first he was very apprehensive about it. After what seemed like an eternity of questions, which I know were only asked for my benefit, he said he wanted to check it out. My Master works crazy hours everyday and I felt a little guilty giving him something else to do, but him being the wonderful Master he is checked out the BDSM Training Academy and gave me the ok.

While the training can’t do everything, it certainly helped me be a better slave. Before the training, I didn’t always do as Master said and I got punished often. I’d say something I knew I shouldn’t have, did something wrong, or just flat out didn’t have any regard for anything or anyone.

Now after training, I obey my Master’s every command, I am no longer embarrassed to do anything for him, no more bad talking about myself, have a higher level of respect for my Master, and have a much better overall relationship with my Master.

I’m his Kitten, Sweetie, Pumpkin, Pet, and Love. He’s my Master, and I love and respect him dearly. We couldn’t be any happier with the outcome the training has given us, and I say us because we both reap the benefits.

Thank you for teaching me how to be the very best slave I can be for my Master.

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A Much Better Overall Relationship With My Master

I just wanted to tell you that your newsletters have helped me so much in my journey and my relationship in this lifestyle. They have helped me become a better submissive to my Dom. I absolutely love getting the newsletters and always look forward to getting the next one, I’m always waiting in anticipation till the next one comes in. Once again thank you so much.

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I’m Always Waiting In Anticipation…

The emails I receive are something that are truly hard to find anywhere. Even thought the lifestyle has become quite an industry and many more sites give tips, I find them to be a little impersonal. It is clear that the emails I have gotten from this site put a lot of time and care into explaining training practices and pitfalls to avoid and overcome. I love the detail

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I Love The Detail

Thank you, again, for your support, and articles toward learning to be a better Dom;  it is the difference between stumbling around in the dark, to having been handed a light to realize, the path was there the entire time! A direction toward reaching what was there, but not knowing how to train, for the goal,: ( hey, I like metaphor’s, what can I say, lol). Thank you,


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Handed A Light

Hello and thanks. I love the BDSM Slave Training Tips. I feel that I understand those feelings in me better than ever.

I am sure that they will make me a better slave.

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I love the BDSM Slave Training Tips

Your resources were the first I encountered when I first became involved in BDSM as a lifestyle and I am grateful to have learned from them. At the time it was exactly what i needed.

I have since moved forward to become a BDSM educator, pro dom, and lifestyle Master of a 24/7 Poly M/s house hold and have future plans for eventually title competitions and running a large dungeon under the guise of a B&B that is maintained by the House slaves.

I would like to thank you sincerely for your contributions to my early education.

All respects,


It Was Exactly What I Needed

I want to thank the many men and women, both Dom and Sub alike out there that have made this information available for searching folks like me, so I can come to understand and accept the Dominate portions of myself that have been misunderstood for many years. You have my gratitude. read more

You Have My Gratitude

Master Bishop and Mistress Sophia,
i would just like too say thank you for the mini course and the continued education you have provided.  i am new to my submissive role, and while it is not a full time live in situation i feel the want and need to do my best for my Dom even when he is not around.  The positions and etiquette portion was extremely helpful and put a smile on His face!

Thank you again,

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And Put A Smile On His Face!