Protocols are sets of rules of conduct and/or a code of behavior that have been established for a Dominant/submissive relationship. By enforcing these rules, a Dominant can help a submissive to remember their position in the relationship and support the submissive’s needs and desires to be controlled. 

Again, just like rituals each Dominant/submissive relationship will have different protocols, which protocols you choose to incorporate will have to be negotiated between you and your partner. Here are just a few of the many protocols that can be enforced:

  • Speech protocol - rules that dictate a submissive's speech
  • honorifics for their Dominant (Master, Sir, Goddess, etc)
  • how the submissive refers to their self (instead of "I" or "me", "This slave" or "Your submissive")
  • No swearing
  • etc
  • Appearance Protocol - Must receive permission from Dominant on grooming standards and appearance including, hair, makeup, clothing and undergarments.
  • Position Protocols - How, where and when a submissive should be position in accordance to their Dominant. ) [ie. a sub should always stand and sit to the left of their Dominant]. This can also include commonly practiced slave positions.
  • Body Protocols - This can include for example rules like no masturbation without permission and/or no orgasms without permission from the Dominant
  • Furniture Protocols - are a set of rules based on how and when a slave/submissive can use furniture
  • Decisionmaking Protocols, Sexual Protocols, Access To Dominant Protocols, Bathroom Protocols, etc, etc,

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