Submissive Rituals in BDSM

Rituals are a series of actions or behaviors that are performed repeatedly by a submissive.

Rituals have been used throughout history and in modern psychology to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and produce a sense of gratitude and respect.

Rituals are meant to make a submissive intentionally slow down and reconnect with their self and the magic that can be experienced in their chosen life.

A Dominant should not just blindly create and assign rituals. Each ritual should serve a purpose for both the Dominant and submissive. That way when a ritual is repeated over time, they will become habit but more importantly support and nurture the submissive’s needs and the D/s dynamic.

However, each Dominant/submissive relationship will have different rituals, which rituals you choose to incorporate will have to be negotiated and agreed upon by you and your partner. Ones that I have found useful in centering the submissive’s mind,
supporting their desires and strengthening the D/s relationship:

  • Submissive meditation ritual first thing in the morning and before bed. With the focus of the meditation on why the submissive wants to be submissive, why they have chosen to be submissive and why they want to be submissive to their Dominant. Sometimes W/we can forget why W/we have chosen the life W/we have. This is a perfect opportunity for the submissive to remind themselves.​
  • Repeating a submissive mantra throughout the day.
  • A mantra can be repeated at certain times of the day, for example on the hour of every hour, no matter where the submissive is or what they are doing.
  • A mantra can be repeated when certain thoughts go through the submissive's mind. For example, whenever a negative thought crosses the sub's mind, they can repeat their submissive mantra. Or whenever a sub feels a certain sensation flood, their body, a mantra can be repeated to enforce their feelings
  • A mantra can be repeated when certain actions are performed. Walking through a door, waiting in line, when their phone rings, when they feel overwhelmed, etc, etc, etc.
  • Preparing For The Day Rituals
  • Bathing Rituals
  • Getting Dressed Rituals
  • Coming Home Ritual
  • Greeting Ritual
  • Starting A Scene/Collar Ritual

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