Euphoric BDSM Mummification


Mummification, or total enclosure, is a type of bondage in which the submissive person is completely or partially wrapped in some type of material. While completely encased (cocooned) the individual will become completely immobilized and totally vulnerable to the Dominant.

While Bondage restraints can be anything from rope, tape, cuffs, scarves, chain, – basically, anything you can use to restrain someone. In comparison with mummification, the submissive is typically cocooned causing complete immobilization rather than only restraining a section of the submissive’s limbs thereby allowing some limited movement.

Not being able to move at ALL is a huge turn on for many people but mummification is not just about restricting the submissive. It can also be used to create mild to complete sensory deprivation for the submissive thus forcing the submissive to focus only on the few sensations the Dominant chooses to provide. This can lead to a truly heightened sense of arousal as the submissive’s mind quiets, any form of stimulation becomes amplified as the submissive has nothing else to focus on or distract them from what their Dominant is doing.

There are many different types of materials that can be used for mummification. Some are found in your home while others are sold specifically for this activity. Some favorite materials including plastic wrap, duct tape, medical bandages, bondage tape, blankets, leather and/or straitjackets.

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