dominant submissive relationship

Submissive helping their Dominant To Become More Comfortable With BDSM

8 Ways to Help Your Dom Feel Comfortable Exploring BDSM More Deeply

We often like to think of doms as the sexy, invincible superheroes of our fantasies. To be led through our BDSM journey by someone calm, confident, and in charge puts us at ease, allowing us to open up and explore in spite of our nervousness or vulnerability. The reality, of course, is that dom-identifying kinksters are human like the rest of us and need help along the way from time to time. If you’re a submissive looking to take your dynamic to a deeper level, here are 8 ways you can help your dom feel comfortable as they lead the way.

Setting Up Dom Sub Relationship For Success

10 Tips to Set Up a New D/s Relationship for Success

The beginning of a relationship is a fragile time. One or both partners may still be on the fence as they learn each other’s quirks, preferences, triggers, world views, and all the rest. The first few intimate encounters usually involve some level of stress, regardless of how smoothly or erotically those sessions unfold. We want to think of falling in love as a magical process, …

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Teamwork In Dominant Submissive Relationships

Good D/s Relationships Require Teamwork

Imagine your most erotic or deepest fantasy of Dominance and submission (D/s). What does it look like? How much control does the Dominant have over their submissive? What does the submissive allow or accept? Are the scenarios extremely rough or more playful? Are limits and boundaries stretched to the edge or is all play safe within your limits?

For many kinksters, the picture they have in their mind of D/s is often the most erotic and extreme version of a power exchange. But the question is can it be like this?

How To Nurture A Dominant Submissive Relationship

When you’re in a relationship that focuses on power exchange, it can seem like this happens in one direction: the submissive serves the Dominant, without questions. While this might be the fantasy and the energy you want to create in a scene, it is still just a FANTASY. In reality, there are two (or more) people who each have their own needs and their own …

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