A BDSM Fantasy: An Ordinary Submissive Day

I awake, naked in His arms, His hand between my legs, prodding me awake. He whispers in my ear, “On your belly.” I roll to my belly, spread my legs wide, cross my wrists over my head and lift my hips for His pleasure. He grabs my wrists and holds them tight. He rubs my sex but I’m already moist and ready for him.. He uses it to moisten my anus and slips his fingers inside. I gasp at the sudden stretch. He pumps His fingers while kissing and biting my neck and shoulders. I moan for Him. He likes to hear my moans in the mornings. When my legs start to tremble, He slides between them and plunges into me in one swift move. I mewl with pleasure and my hips lift higher, inviting Him deeper.
He orders me not to cum. He never lets me cum in the mornings. He likes for me to be at a heightened awareness and desire for the whole day, awaiting His touch when He returns. But, he loves to give the order and I love to hear it. I whisper, “Yes, Master.”
He grinds into me. He grips my wrists tighter and presses His body down on mine, pressing me into the mattress, holding me motionless. He plunges into me and wiggles His fingers, trying to push me to the very edge. With His order, I know not to beg for release, it won’t be given. I begin to whimper as it becomes so very hard to hold back. He releases me and grabs my hips with both hands. I remain where I am. I know not to move. He spreads my ass and legs as wide as they will go and drives into me forcefully and cums as His fingers dig into my hips. I slow my breathing and drag myself back from the edge. He leans down to me and kisses my neck. “Good girl. Now, go make me breakfast.”
 I make His breakfast as He showers and gets ready for work. As He eats, I sit at His feet and rest my head on His knee. He reads the news for the morning and then gets up. I follow Him to the door, awaiting any special orders for the day. He opens the door and steps out. He turns back and I step into the doorway. He likes to let me know He can show me off whenever He wants to whomever might be watching at His whim. He gives me a light kiss and says, “No touching.” I shudder with anticipation. That means He plans on a reward for me tonight.
I drop my eyes. “Yes, Master.”
“I’ll be back at 6:40.” I know this is a declaration that the conversation is over and merely nod, saying nothing. I never take the last word, it is always His.