August 2012

How BDSM Enhanced My Life

As with many long term relationships things change and evolve and sometimes these changes are not for the better, but then there are times when the changes are over the top amazingly fulfilling. O/our journey into the BDSM lifestyle and our new 24/7 TPE (Total power exchange) relationship has brought a new dynamic to our sexual relationship that frankly i truly only felt was possible …

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How To Teach My Boyfriend To Control Me

I was in a D/s relationship for 3 years until he had to move back to Australia. Now that I have told my new partner that I am submissive, he would like to understand me and the lifestyle as well as he knows that I do not want a vanilla relationship. He said he has always found it interesting and I was attracted to him …

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Keep The Submissive Guessing

If you’ve ever been in a BDSM scene, you might wonder how you can make things more intense. After so much BDSM in the media and in movies, it seems that nothing is surprising to anyone anymore. With a blindfold, however, you can make sure that your partner is completely surprised by what’s going to happen next. They will only be able to guess at …

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Why Would Someone Want To Be Dominant?

What is it that draws a Master or Mistress into wanting to Dominate another person? Power is a powerful thing in this world. When you look at the people who hold power, you see that they are able to get whatever they want, whenever they want. People who are in control of companies, for example, are able to change the course of their employees by …

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Changing From Wife To Submissive

Have a glance at how sub-kathleen went from a miserable housewife to a happy loving slave. It makes you wonder why more people don’t choose to accept the collar around their neck in their pursuits of happiness. Regards, Master Bishop As I develop and grow as a submissive/slave I have experienced an amazing transformation from unhappy frustrated angry housewife to a happy calm pleasant submissive/slave. …

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