The Nurturing Daddy Dom

Often, the ‘daddy’ is someone who is in charge of the relationship. While some might not take well to this term, preferring ‘Master’ instead, the softer name has other connotations that might help to create a connection between the partners in a BDSM relationship. The idea of one person being the protector of the other person, the keeper of their safety is something that can foster trust and lead to more effective training.

Giving Your Sub the Apron Treatment

Service – it’s what your slave should be doing for you every moment that you ask. While you might not be able to think of new things for them to do all the time, it’s a good idea to train your slave in how to serve his Mistress, should the need arise. Whether they are a house slave or a traditional slave, you need to ensure they are always ready and waiting for your commands, even if it just means they need to polish your boots or cook you a nutritious dinner.