The Nurturing Daddy Dom

Often, the ‘daddy’ is someone who is in charge of the relationship. While some might not take well to this term, preferring ‘Master’ instead, the softer name has other connotations that might help to create a connection between the partners in a BDSM relationship. The idea of one person being the protector of the other person, the keeper of their safety is something that can foster trust and lead to more effective training.

Becoming a Daddy

Whether you’re already in a BDSM relationship or not, the process of becoming a daddy starts with a conversation with your slave. You need to see if this is a term that makes them feel respectful of you or if it’s something that makes them uneasy. In either case, talking out a new label and a new position for them is something that needs to happen outside of the dungeon. You might simply begin by having your slave call you daddy during a few scenes to see how it fits, and then you can talk again after the scene is done to see if there was anything odd coming up for the slave in this process.

How to Father Your Slave

To effectively father a slave, you need to make sure you’re setting down a number of hard and fast rules. This will help to give your slave the boundaries they need and the guidance they crave. When the slave doesn’t follow these guidelines, then their daddy will punish them, and the slave doesn’t want to disappoint their daddy. You will want to make sure that your slave hears that you are someone who can also be proud of them, just as much as you might be disappointed in them. Make sure you are someone who is always willing to see the good in them, but also need to be a strict disciplinarian. You can’t simply let the slave do whatever they want and get away with it. Instead, you need to be able and willing to point out flaws, correct them, and then follow up to make sure those rules continue to be followed.

What Happens When Daddy is Mad?

If daddy becomes mad, then you will need to take whatever agreed upon punishments you have contracted to and use them in the scenes. Often, the punishment of spanking is very effective, since it is something that is often utilized by a parent on their child. You might want to take your slave over your knee and tell her that you are disappointed in her, that you don’t want to have to punish her, but that she’s given you no choice. The more that you play out this role, the more the slave will be able to see their place in your BDSM relationship, and this allows you both to settle into your roles more easily. And you might even start out with having the slave in a timeout, or some other simpler punishment as a warning before they are spanked.

With the daddy in a BDSM relationship, there is an opportunity for a clear definition of who is in charge, as well as a possibility for there to be a more nurturing side of the Master. Instead of always having to be someone who is mean, you can show that you are a person that is simply trying to guide their slave to their full potential. You are trying to see the goodness in them at all times, while also making sure to punish behaviors that need to be punished. In the end, everyone wins, but only when everyone realizes what their true roles are. Go here to learn more about your true BDSM role


Master Bishop

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