Why i serve

Slave Service Drawing(A journal entry by sub-kathleen)

Recently events have caused me to reflect on this amazing journey i am sharing with my Master. How it began and where we are today and some of the Whys… i recall beginning with the conversation… Telling my husband of 18 years that i had these desires…Then exploring and learning about the many intricacies of the BDSM lifestyle and more specifically for me the M/s power exchange lifestyle.

i recall a training assignment a few years ago where i was asked to make a journal entry and list 50 Reason why i want to be a slave to my Master. It took me awhile to really think about this and i’m fairly certain some of my reasons could have been duplicated. Trust me by the time i reached 40 i was struggling… This assignment was, however very eliminating and valuable. And the journal has developed from being a training tool to being a place a platform to explore and perhaps understand some of the Whys in my life…

You know what i am referring to. The Why we do what we do or feel what we feel or want what we want… these are very important questions. Today, i would like to share another Why.