The Power Of A Master’s Voice

Inspiration to motivate a submissive to want to submitThough many slave training sites will have you believe that a Master’s job is merely to use a whip to get their submissive to do what they want, this is not the entire story. Instead, a Master can use their voice and their tone to completely control and manage the behaviors of a slave, allowing them to spend less energy and less time on training and more time on seeing the results of a completely submissive slave.

Tone is Everything

Your voice changes, depending on the way you feel and depending on the way you interact with others. And while your slave may not understand all of the nuances of your voice, realize that your voice will convey the way you feel and the way you are in control (or not). The deeper your voice, the more controlling you will appear, so it is best to try to use that lower tone when you are in a scene with a slave. In addition, make sure you speak slowly, as this forces the slave to listen to every word you have to say and to respond only when you are done talking (not when they want to respond).

Silence Creates Control

Sub Question: How Do I Beg/Plead Better

A begging slave

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some useful tips on how to plead/beg better, I am OK But I feel I could do much better, I know submissiveness comes from the heart and it does with me, but there is always room for improvement, one never stops learning.



Master Bishop’s Opinion:

When it comes to begging and pleading, there are certainly always opportunities for improvement. One of the things I most often notice about submissives is that they don’t seem sincere. They just say the first thing that pops into their head. Which tends to translate too “Please may I XXXXX”

To serve your Mistress or Master better, you will want to make sure your begging comes from a deeper place, a place of wanting to please and a place of wanting to do all that you can to serve.

Why Speaking Sweetly Can Make Your Sub Cringe

Your sub, by now, knows about your mean voice and it probably makes him cringe. He doesn’t know what it might be saying, but he knows he’s in for something terrible. When you start to create a long-term BDSM relationship, it’s easy to fall into patterns that work for you. And when you’re training your slave, being mean is often a great way to make sure that he listens. But you need to switch things up – by talking sweetly.

More Flies with Honey?

When you think about it, you already know that talking sweetly to others will get you what you want. Though you might try to be mean in your everyday life, that just doesn’t work as well outside of the dungeon. Instead, you need to be nice, but not so nice that you’re a pushover. When you are with your slave and you tell him naughty and horrible things in a sweet voice, he will still get the message. Notice how he shivers a bit because you sound like you’re sweet, even harmless, but the content of what you’re saying is going to cause him to be at your feet. He knows that you could turn in an instant, and that keeps him on his toes.