Sub Question: How Do I Beg/Plead Better

A begging slave

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some useful tips on how to plead/beg better, I am OK But I feel I could do much better, I know submissiveness comes from the heart and it does with me, but there is always room for improvement, one never stops learning.



Master Bishop’s Opinion:

When it comes to begging and pleading, there are certainly always opportunities for improvement. One of the things I most often notice about submissives is that they don’t seem sincere. They just say the first thing that pops into their head. Which tends to translate too “Please may I XXXXX”

To serve your Mistress or Master better, you will want to make sure your begging comes from a deeper place, a place of wanting to please and a place of wanting to do all that you can to serve.

What works well is to make sure you are specific in your begging. When you aren’t specific, it’s hard to feel the heart of what you want – which I imagine is your deep need to be submissive. Think about what you want and about how you feel about your Dominant. This might require you do some homework before you enter a scene, and that you start thinking about your role long before you’re in a dungeon. Make a list of all of the ways in which you serve and how you want to serve your Dominant.  Beside that list, write out why you enjoy serving in that way. How do you feel when you are actually performing those tasks for your Dominant. Much of your begging can stem from these internal drives. Include these internal desires in your begging. Begging is essentially becoming an open book to your Dominant and verbally expressing your deepest desires for their Them and Their Domination.  Review this list again and again to ensure you’re in the mindset of being a submissive, rather than just playing the part of one.

When you truly become connected to your submissive role and desires, you will show your Dominant that you are sincere. Part of this connection can also come from talking to your Dominant about what they want from you. By understanding their needs, you can fulfill your role. This is something I often do outside of the scene, as you don’t want to interrupt a high-energy scene with a lot of discussion. Set aside time with your Dominant, with the goal of understanding how they want to see you beg and plead more effectively and authentically.

It can also be helpful to have a discussion about the scene after it is over. When you are asking for corrections and guidance, you are more involved and therefore more effective.

Within the scene itself, it makes sense to be clear about when begging and pleading are appropriate. When your Dominant asks you what you want, state what you want clearly and then become subservient. Use the title that your Dominant has asked you to use, and also be clear about using the name for yourself that has been chosen – i.e. ‘this slave.’

Talking in the third person can also help to differentiate between your role and the role of your Dominant. This creates even more distance between the power roles, and will allow the begging to be even more effective. Talking about ‘this slave’ or ‘your slave’ will allow you to show you not only understand your role, but you also can understand how your Dominant sees you.

Over time, it might become apparent what works best for your relationship, as all relationships are different. While I want to tell you that one thing will work in all situations, this is simply not true. Instead, you need to be ready and willing to work with your Dominant to find out what will be most effective in your unique situation.

Begging and pleading is also more engaging when you repeat what you want over and over again. Repetition allows time for the Dominant to hear your longing, to know your true desire to please. Though there is a point at which repetition can come across as false, the more you repeat your pleading, the more you will break through to the true nature of your words.

You will break down and come to the place where it’s clear you are giving over your will to your Dominant.

Practice does make perfect in this case. With dedication, clarity, and inner reflection, your begging and pleading will become genuine. You will truly be the slave your Dominant wants you to be.

If you have a begging/pleading tip that you would like to share, please share it below.


Master Bishop


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1 thought on “Sub Question: How Do I Beg/Plead Better”

  1. I second Master Bishop’s comment about being specific. Try and articulate not only what you want, but why you want it and how badly you want it. Tell your Master how you’ll feel if you get it, and/or how you’ll feel if you don’t get it. You might have to imagine these outcones in your head first.

    Don’t be afraud of sounding pathetic or desperate. (Often, that’s an added bonus if your Dom/Master is also a Sadist). So let your desperation show in yur voice, if you feel it. (And don’t try to fake it if you don’t feel it).

    And, perhaps most important but most difficult, especially if you are shy… ask for what you want and be willing to make yourself vulnerable in the process!

    Understand that they might say “No.” For some Dominants that just means you have to continue begging; for others, it means stop. Ask your Master which he expects if you’re not sure. And, remember there is a fine line between begging for something you might get vs whining about something you know you’re not getting.

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