March 2010

Too Tired to Play with Your Slave

Since many Dominants have to work in addition to training their slaves, it’s not surprising that you might be tired from time to time – and unwilling to deal with a cranky slave. Even though you might adore your slave and you understand the need for them to be trained consistently. When your energy is drained, it might seem easier to just go through the […]

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Online Female Submissive Experiences

Here Are Just A Few Comments From Submissives That Have Experienced Master Bishop’s Online Female Submissive Training ================================================================================= You Have Shown That You Know What This Trainee Needs Even Better Than She Does Trainer, This trainee is very grateful for all the time and effort You have put into her training. Before training, this trainee may have only thought about submission occasionally throughout her life,

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Avoiding Legal Issues While Practicing BDSM

From the outside of BDSM, this sexual fetish or practice (depending on how you look at it) can look dangerous. In fact, to some who don’t know what BDSM really is, they think that this is completely illegal. But this is far from the case. A BDSM relationship is a relationship that is purely consensual in its practice and in its guidelines. But since many

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Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

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