June 2009

Ramping Up Your BDSM Play

You might come to a point in your BDSM play when you begin to feellike you can do more. Whether you’re a Dom/me or a sub, you mightget to a point when you feel as though things need to be a littleheavier in order to bring you pleasure. This is a naturalprogression in most BDSM relationships. Although, it’s far morecommon for the Dominant person to […]

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Preventing Injury In BDSM

Accidents certainly happen in the world of BDSM – especially to newer players on the scene. But just because you will certainly have something go wrong at some point doesn’t mean that you need to simply sit back and wait for it to happen. You can take steps to help not only prevent problems, but also you can learn how to handle accidents and injuries

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Female Slave Training Program

Experience the sensations and challenges of submissive training for yourself. Listen to what submissive e had to say about the female training program: “It has been an honor to be trained and guided by you in my submission. Not only did I learn so much from your teachings, but I have never been so excited in my life. Your ability to understand a submissive’s mind

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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