Female Slave Training Program

Experience the sensations and challenges of submissive
training for yourself.

Listen to what submissive e had to say about the female training

“It has been an honor to be trained and guided by you in my
submission. Not only did I learn so much from your teachings, but I
have never been so excited in my life.

Your ability to understand a submissive’s mind and body and utilize
that in Your training took my breath away every time. i know now
that this is where i am meant to be.

Thank you Master Bishop, i will carry your training with me always.”

Master Bishop has been working long and hard on a female submissive
training program that will help to educate, motivate and enforce
proper slave etiquette and behavior. A program that will dig down
to the root of your submission and provide you with an environment
to express it freely.

A truly unique program that incorporates ancient training secrets
and philosophies with modern bdsm techniques. There is no training
like it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced female
submissive your skills will be tested and enhanced working with an
expertly skilled and highly regarded Dominant as Master Bishop.

* Enjoy the thrills and sensations of acting upon your
submissive desires.

* Develop the true qualities of a submissive that every Dom desires!

* Completely private no one will ever know about your activities or

* Discover the keys to Dom/sub relationships so that you will be
able to satisfy your future Dom’s desires and be able to spot wannabe
Doms from wasting your time.

* Learn more about yourself then you ever knew possible.

* Complete lessons, tasks and assignments that will have your mind
spinning from beginning to end. All done in the comfort of your
own home. Nobody will ever know about your training.

…and this is only the beginning. As you and your submission
progress, your training will advance.


The female submissive training program is now open but due to
Master Bishop’s busy schedule He only has time to train 5
submissives. Once the first 5 subs join the training will be closed
and W/we don’t know when Master Bishop will have time to train more
submissives again. If you are interested in taking your training
further or begin submissive training for the first time learn more
here ===> Female Slave Training Program



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