October 2012

BDSM Ice Play With Submissive

Ice Play for Your Submissive

Sensations that alter your slave will cause their mind to be more under your control than ever before. When you continue to change the way that the slave expects to feel, you will continue to sharpen their mind and mold their existence to your desires. While it might sound simple, even mundane, the introduction of ice to your play scenes will encourage them to be

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Giving Her The Spanking She Deserves

As I walked through the door I was greeted by the most beautiful site. My slave kneeling before the door, hands held behind her back and eyes starring at the floor. she was dressed in her finest collar, a beautiful waist cincher, no panties and high heels. Bowing before Me, with her hands extended in front of her, My slave requested if there was anything

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Ways To Balance Your Vanilla Life With Your BDSM Life

Your BDSM life is something that you value, something that you believe in and something that you enjoy. But what happens when you’re also balancing the idea of a vanilla life? For some BDSM couples, it’s not just about the BDSM they enjoy, but they also want to have times of vanilla. And the question becomes: can you have both? *************************************************** Why Vanilla Might Still

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