A Bondage Harness To Extend Your Control

BDSM Male Submissive HarnessSometimes you want to be in control, even when you’re not beside your slave – and that’s your right as a Mistress. In order to make sure he knows that you’re the one who’s calling the shots, you might want to try some bondage on the go. With a bondage harness, he can always know that you’re there, even when he’s going through his normal daily activities. This simple tool allows you to exert control and to continue training your slave to do everything you desire.

The Right Bondage Harness

There are a couple of different ways that you can handle a bondage harness for your slave. You could use rope to create a bondage harness, simply encasing his torso in rope or bondage tape to help him feel your control around him. You might also want to buy a leather bondage harness he can wear underneath his clothing. Try a few of these harnesses in the scenes you do and then see whether you like the control these tools provide. You may even want him to wear the same harness from a scene until the next time you see him…