March 2012

Choosing a Slave Name

A name is something that defines who we are, even when we don’t choose it ourselves. Our parents gave us a name for a particular reason, but when you’re in a relationship with a BDSM partner, it might become time to take on a slave name, just as a Master or Mistress might take on their title. Creating the separation between these two roles allows […]

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Using Rough Textures in BDSM

When you are interested in changing the way that you play with another person, you need to switch things up. Though they might like the sensation play that you do, over time, anyone will grow accustomed to the way that something feels on their skin. And since you can’t always use something harder on a person, you need to find new textures that will help

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Closet Dungeon Ideas

Having the space to have BDSM fun is a bit of a luxury for most people. Not all of us can have fully equipped dungeons and basements, after all. With smaller spaces, like closets, you can still have a place to not only stash your BDSM gear, but also a slave that needs to learn a lesson. You can use even the smallest space to

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Ending a Dom/sub Relationship in a Healthy Way

While breakups are never easy, they can become more complicated in a BDSM relationship. Because the relationship is based on one person trying to please another, a breakup can seem as though the slave has not done his or her job. Though this might be a part of the reason, usually breakups come from two people growing apart. Whatever the reason, there are better ways

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