January 2014

The Joy Of Being Submissive

Submissives are thought of as weak followers that are not capable of taking care of themselves by the general public.  This could not be further from the truth. Most submissives are highly intelligent, successful individuals who just want to experience the true freedom of quieting their mind.  To observe the joy of being vulnerable and letting go of all their worries and insecurities.  Y/you see …

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Slave Service Dinner

If you are looking for have a formal submissive service dinner, then you should have a look at the formal instructions sub-kathleen wrote out for submissives who were looking to serve at her latest Service Etiquette Dinner.  Putting on an evening like this takes a lot of preparation, hard work and attention to detail.  Every submissive must be willing to pull their fair share of …

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Dom/sub Journal: Do you Dare?

Do you dare to be your true self? Do you dare to celebrate your desires?  Despite society accepting many different sexual lifestyles, BDSM is still considered an offensive and deplorable lifestyle choice.  This does not mean you should go out and reveal your desires to the public, as this can have serious consequences with your professional career, family and friends.  Each individual must make that …

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In The Closet About BDSM

In a day and age when acceptance of many different lifestyle choices has grown, BDSM is still looked down upon.  Jobs can be lost, individuals can be shunned by coworkers, even friends and family members can disappear once they find out that your interests have strayed into BDSM.  This is why one of the worst things you can do is publicly out someone in the …

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Dom/me Question: My Strong Willed Wife Wants To Be Submissive

Can you give me any direction in becoming a better dominant in my relationship? My wife and I for years have talked about a D/s relationship, but have been unsuccessful. She has come out and told me that she wants to be submissive, however, she is a very strong willed, dominant person herself. Can I learn to be more dominant and how do I go …

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