Dom/sub Journal: Do you Dare?


Do you dare to be your true self? Do you dare to celebrate your desires?  Despite society accepting many different sexual lifestyles, BDSM is still considered an offensive and deplorable lifestyle choice.  This does not mean you should go out and reveal your desires to the public, as this can have serious consequences with your professional career, family and friends.  Each individual must make that choice for themselves and accept the consequences.

When I ask you if you dare to be your true self and celebrate your desires, I mean do you allow yourself to be free when you are with your partner.  Or does society’s views on the BDSM lifestyle cause you to have guilt about yourself and your desires?  Does it cause you to close yourself off and not discuss your kinks, even with someone who you know to be involved in the lifestyle?

Dom/sub journal: Write down how you feel about this and then discuss your views with your partner and give them time to tell you how they feel.  Y/you may be shocked as to how closed off many of U/us truly are even behind closed doors.

Wishing You All The Best,

Master Bishop

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