April 2019

Why Would An Alpha Want To Be Submissive

Why Some Alphas Desire Submission

The one thing that tends to confuse most people about BDSM and Dominant/submissive relationships is the dynamic of the submissive alpha. I’m sure you know the one I am talking about, the individual who is a complete Dominating alpha in their entire life and yet has an enormous need to submit in their kinky life. So what is an alpha? Many would agree that an …

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BDSM Alpha Submissive

I Have Top Energy But I’m Still a Submissive

No matter where you identify on the spectrum of Dominance and submissive (D/s), few people are all one or the other — even when being one or the other is part of your identity. In relationships and under the right circumstances, I’m fully a submissive. My natural inclination is to submit, yield, and do what I’m asked or told by a dominant partner. But there …

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