July 2009

Who Says You Can’t Have Kids and a BDSM Relationship?

Hi Mistress Sophia and Master Bishop, I have absolutely loved all the emails you have sent and learnedso much from each. There is one problem that my husband and I are having and that isthat we have three children, but we want to experience morewithin our Dom/sub relationship. We have just started exploring bdsm within our relationship, but Idon’t want our children to know about …

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Does a Slave Deserve to Be Happy?

Whether you are Dominant or submissive, you can’t have a BDSM relationship without the other. The question becomes, does a slave deserve to be happy in the relationship? The answer to this question is tricky, however, as many Dominants aren’t sure how to define happy and whether training or happiness is the more important goal. After all, contracts are nice, but a slave can always …

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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