The Essentials of Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

If you’ve reached into your sex toy chest and wondered why things weren’t as fresh as they once were, chances are you need to do some spring sex toy cleaning. Sex toys are wonderful marvels to add to your BDSM or just your vanilla sex play, but they also get a little sloppy – if you’re using them right. To make sure things stay hygienic, especially when you’re playing with more than one partner, you might want to follow these sage sex toy cleaning tips.

Choose the Right Sex Toys

Dom/sub Journal: Fantasy Vs Reality

Many Dominants and submissives fantasize for years about the lifestyle before ever getting a chance to experience it.  When they finally have a chance to get their first taste, the reality of what they experience tends to fall short of their fantasy.  Even experienced Doms and subs fantasize, but they also can find that fantasy…

Submissive Question: Can You Serve And Love Your Dominant?

I received this question a number of times, so I thought I should answer it.  Many submissives find themselves serving a Dominant that they respect, admire, and appreciate.  Eventually there comes a time after loyally serving when a submissive may develop feelings for the Dominant.  The question you may ask is:

Is it ok to be in love with a Dominant?


Master Bishop’s Response

The BDSM Training Academy On Facebook

When W/we first created the BDSM Training Academy, W/we created a facebook fanpage to accompany it.  After only a month, facebook monitors shut down the account.  They was nothing graphic on the fanpage, no nudity or sexual content of any kind.  Even though W/we were only providing educational content, O/our understanding was that the topic…

Dominatrix Question: Knowing What to Say to Your Slave

I have found a sub. I am female he is male. We have chatted on line for a long time and met once for a brief time, just to get acquainted. He wants to submit to me. To be my slave 24/7. I am thrilled and excited. We plan to meet in 3 days for him to submit. I am not sure what to say to him during this submission. I know he will be naked, kneeling before me. Help, what do I say?  I think once that part is over, I can take control, but I know this part is very important to him and I want to get it right.

Mistress Brianne’s Response

Knowing what to say in a scene is often far more important than anything you might do to a slave. As a Mistress who is taking on a slave 24/7, you can’t simply say that it’s time to begin. You need to make sure that you are saying something that will set the tone for your time together. First impressions do count and they will be important for you both.