Dom/sub Journal: Fantasy Vs Reality

Many Dominants and submissives fantasize for years about the lifestyle before ever getting a chance to experience it.  When they finally have a chance to get their first taste, the reality of what they experience tends to fall short of their fantasy.  Even experienced Doms and subs fantasize, but they also can find that fantasy tends to be better then reality.

Don’t get Me wrong, the reality of BDSM is pretty damn good. The problem is that fantasies tend to be more exciting because they are perfectly tailored to you and your desires.  The partner in your fantasy knows exactly what to do, when to do it and knows how to do it perfectly to your desires.  The reason is because that partner is really you.  In reality, your partner is not a mind reader.  They have no idea what your deepest or darkest desires are, how many spanks you like, or how hard you like your hair pulled.  If you have been with your partner for a while, they can make an educated guess about what you may like from previous experience, but even then they will never get perfect.

Topic For Discussion:

How do you deal with the difference between your fantasies and reality?

Lets start this conversation, just leave your comments below so everybody can learn from this. A continuously growing resource.


Master Bishop


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