The Essentials of Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

If you’ve reached into your sex toy chest and wondered why things weren’t as fresh as they once were, chances are you need to do some spring sex toy cleaning. Sex toys are wonderful marvels to add to your BDSM or just your vanilla sex play, but they also get a little sloppy – if you’re using them right. To make sure things stay hygienic, especially when you’re playing with more than one partner, you might want to follow these sage sex toy cleaning tips.

Choose the Right Sex Toys

While all sex toys look like fun, that does not mean they are all as hygienic as they might seem at first in their plastic packaging. Ideally, you will want to choose sex toys that are not porous like some other materials, meaning that they aren’t going to store germs and leftover bodily fluids after a romp in the dungeon. Both glass and medical grade silicone are nonporous. Plus, medical grade silicone and glass are also not going to leech any dangerous chemicals into your body. It’s true. Those cheaper plastic sex toys are actually being linked with exposure to harmful chemicals from the way they are made. And that’s just not sexy.

If you’re not sure what a sex toy is made from, use a condom on it at all times. This way, you can be certain you’re only enjoying the fun part of toys – without any dangerous side effects. This also makes cleanup time a lot easier.

Cleaning Up the Toy Box

No matter what the toys are that you use, cleaning these toys after each use is the best advice. And it’s easier than you might think. Washing your toys in warm soapy water is the best way to get rid of germs and other fluids which might be on the surface. Just rinse things out in the sink and let them dry completely before using again. Those toys that are not waterproof will need to be washed more carefully as you don’t want to electrocute yourself. But those sex toys that are waterproof and water submersible may even go in your dishwasher, if you want.

You don’t necessarily have to use anything stronger than soap and water, but if you aren’t sure how long it’s been since the toy’s been cleaned, you might want to start by using sterile alcohol pads on the surface of the toy. Then use the soap and water to ensure that everything is sterile again.

When To Toss a Toy

When you begin to notice that the surface of a toy is changing color or is becoming cracked, it’s time to replace it. Any cracks in the surface can begin to store germs that will be out of reach of your normal cleaning methods. Plus, any bumps and scrapes can also become ouchy during sex, so it’s best to dump them and gain an excuse to go shopping for something new. Toys that are changing color may also be dangerous as it might be indicating troubles in the circuitry or in the decomposition in the materials. When in doubt, just like leftovers, toss it out.

Sex toys shouldn’t be dangerous to use. Taking the time to choose the most body-friendly toys is the way to begin, but then you need to take care of your toys once you’ve used them. And don’t share your toys with anyone else – no matter how well you think you know them. Washing your toys regularly, preferably after each use, is the best way to preserve the structure and the safety of your toys. But when things start looking icky, it’s time for sex toy upgrades.


Mistress Brianne
BDSM Sex Toys

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