Dom/sub Journal: The Importance Of Patience In Submissive Training

One of the most important characteristics for any Dominant or submissive to have is patience. The dictionary definition of patience is the ability to accept and/or tolerate trouble or suffering without becoming angry. While patience is crucial in many aspects of life it is even more important within submissive training. Losing your temper or becoming…

Need Ideas for Getting Your Sub’s Mind into a Submissive Space?

When it comes to getting your sub in the mood, it would be so much easier if subs were always perfect…but this isn’t realistic. Sometimes subs just aren’t ready for a session, even if they want to be. Your job as the dominant person in the relationship is to make sure your sub is ready to serve you and to be submissive to you when the time comes. And there are ways to help your sub get into the right frame of mind. All you need to do is to start realizing that submission doesn’t just include taking a few swats from the crop.

It Starts Outside of the Bedroom