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Submissive Question: Why Does My Commitment To My Dominant Fade

Understanding the Why Of Submission

Submissive Question I need help, i am in a long distance D/s relationship with my Mistress. I try to serve her obediently but my commitment fades. I only stay with my tasks for a short time and then stop doing it and forget about it. What can i do to reinforce my commitment and willpower…

Armbinding Your Submissive

Leather Arm Binder

Sometimes, you just need to switch things up and you need to make your slave feel all the more helpless than they already do when they are serving you in your dungeon. You’ve done the traditional bondage methods and you’ve begun a training program, but you need to test your slave even more. This is…

Acts Of Service

Slave Waiting For Instruction

I am a slave in a dedicated, long-term loving M/s relationship. I have been with my Master for 25 years. The first 18 as husband and wife, and then for the past 7 yrs. W/we have nurtured and grown our relationship into a consensual loving Master, slave relationship. Having come into the lifestyle from an…

BDSM Starts With You

Why Do You Like BDSM

Many of life’s frustrations can come from a lack of understanding of ourselves, our essential needs and denial of our deepest desires. We can spend a lifetime ignoring and/or resisting these signals but the frustration continues to build. We jump head first into activities that make us happy in hopes that it will eliminate the…

Submissive Question: Manipulative Dominant And I Am Hooked

I’m an ex Dom who’s now wanting to be a submissive, I`m seeing a Dom who’s turned out to be a manipulator, but I’m hooked and I’m finding it hard to break free from him because of the way I feel about him, and I’ve broken one of my rules, which is NEVER date anyone…

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