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Kink Redefined Shattering The Myths Of BDSM

Kink Redefined: Shattering the Myths of BDSM

Hidden behind a veil of intrigue and misconceptions, the world of BDSM calls to us with its complexities and secret desires. “Kink Redefined: Shattering the Myths of BDSM” is a journey into the heart of a lifestyle that defies stereotypes and invites us to explore the boundaries of human connection and consent.

We live in a society where preconceived notions often obscure the truth. But I believe it’s time to peel back the layers and unveil the profound meaning and realities beneath the surface.

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Please Stay Safe

As I am sure you are well aware, the world is currently in the midst of a global pandemic. Fear has swept the globe and depending on where you reside different measures have been put in place to help stop the spread of this disease. Here at the BDSM Training Academy, W/we have spent a lot of time discussing how to keep yourself safe within

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I had to accept my failures as a Dominant in BDSM

House Rule: Failure

I wanted to write about a powerful topic that must people avoid and tends to keep the majority of us down. It considered worst than any four letter word and even more taboo to talk about these days then BDSM. And that is “FAILURE” In a time when the law of attraction and positive thinking have practically become new age religions. Nobody wants to even

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Submissive Working At BDSM Office

Prepping For A Meeting: My Turn

“Stand Up!” Davina commanded, “Faster, FASTER!”

Desperately trying to move as quickly as humanly possible on unstable quivering legs was a harder task than one would expect.

Davina knew this, but her sympathy was lacking due to her own needs to meet her Boss’ requirements.

Impatient Davina, grabbed her assistant by the hair and arm, helping to peel her off the table.

Quickly spinning her around, Davina gazed into her assistant’s eyes

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Submissive Headspace Is Where You Long

Sub Question: How To Get Into A Submissive Headspace

Submissive Question:
i have finally figured out that i am far more submissive then i ever thought possible. That is all thanks to you and all the information you have given me. i don’t know where i would be without your guidance.

While i know i want to be more submissive to my mistress, i find there are times when i’m just not in the mood or i can’t get into a submissive headspace.

How can i get myself in the mood when i’m not or get into a submissive headspace, especially when my Mistress wants me to serve her?

DK, New York

Read Master Bishop’s Opinion Here

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Chained And Ready For Leather Cane

Female Sub Story: Teaching A Slave To Spoon

A fantasy night with Master by slave d A fictional female submissive Dominant male erotic story (i do not fantasize about purposely displeasing Master in any way, however, as a slave-in-training, i recognize there are going to be times where this may unintentionally happen. This is a fantasy about one of those instances.) It is early evening, and Master has just finished the dinner i

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Alpha Dominant With Suit And Tie

The Alpha Dominant Enigma

In my last article, (​Why Some Alphas Desire Submission) I discussed the recent research showing how everybody suffers from what is called “Mental Exhaustion.” It is this form of cognitive exhaustion that greatly reduces the number of decisions that can be made everyday by a single person. Once too many decisions have been made an individual’s  ability to properly make further decisions and think critically

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Teamwork In Dominant Submissive Relationships

Good D/s Relationships Require Teamwork

Imagine your most erotic or deepest fantasy of Dominance and submission (D/s). What does it look like? How much control does the Dominant have over their submissive? What does the submissive allow or accept? Are the scenarios extremely rough or more playful? Are limits and boundaries stretched to the edge or is all play safe within your limits?

For many kinksters, the picture they have in their mind of D/s is often the most erotic and extreme version of a power exchange. But the question is can it be like this?

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