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Prepping For A Meeting: My Turn

“Stand Up!” Davina commanded, “Faster, FASTER!”

Desperately trying to move as quickly as humanly possible on unstable quivering legs was a harder task than one would expect.

Davina knew this, but her sympathy was lacking due to her own needs to meet her Boss’ requirements.

Impatient Davina, grabbed her assistant by the hair and arm, helping to peel her off the table.

Quickly spinning her around, Davina gazed into her assistant’s eyes and could see she was deep within subspace. Her eyes were glazed over and she could see her mind was spinning as her head wobbled back and forth.

A big smile spread over Davina’s face, she hoped to join her assistant in that beautiful floating space very soon.

Pulling her head back sharply, her assistant’s mouth gaped open. Releasing her assistant’s arm she quickly snatched her lower jaw in her hand. Pulling her assistant forward she proceeded to give her a deep hard kiss. As if to try and revive her assistant with her own breathe or perhaps to try and to selfishly steal some of the sensations her assistant was experiencing.

Even Davina couldn’t be sure why, as there were far too many sensations flooding her senses. Her mind was alight with millions of thoughts and emotions coming at her in an instant. All Davina could do to keep it together was to bring her focus back to her one and only goal.

Stepping back from the kiss, Davina’s assistant gasped for air and stumbled back on the desk. If Davina hadn’t been holding her up by her hair, she would have collapsed. That beautiful sight gave Davina a nice warm tingle between her crossed legs.

Davina slowly guided her assistant onto her back, laying her flat across the desk.

Davina then proceeded to slowly walk around the desk, keeping her eyes locked on her assistant studying her every motion. Her assistant’s mouth was open as her breathing was heavy, her eyes closed, her arms remained restricted in the stock but her legs which were free lay limp on the desk.

Enjoying her handy work, Davina bent over her assistant bring her eyes in line with her assistant’s.

“Look at me!” Davina instructed, but her assistant just lay there motionless on the desk.

“I said look at me” as Davina’s hand struck her assistant’s cheek. The sudden impact forced her assistant eyes to pop open as she shot to attention, locking onto Davina’s gaze immediately.

“I’m not done with you” Davina said, “I need you to preparing me for the Boss. Can you do that for me?”

Her assistant didn’t make a sound.

“I said can you do that for me?” Davina asked in a harsher tone.

“yyyyeeessss, yeeeessss” the assistant stammered. 

“Good girl” replied Davina

Turning around Davina, spread her legs apart, grabbing a thick chunk of her assistant’s hair from between her legs, she slowly began lowering herself over top of her assistant’s face.

“Tongue out” Davina commanded.

Her assistant complied by sticking her tongue out as far as she possibly could. Making her tongue readily available and positioned for use, followed by her beautifully wide open  hungry mouth waiting to catch every last drop of Davina’s delicious juices.

As Davina got closer, she could feel the intensity and pace of her assistant’s hot breath against her aching lips. Davina was so hot and throbbing just her assistant’s breath was causing her to quiver with each exhale.

Pulling her assistant’s head up, Davina buried her soaking pussy into her face. Her swollen throbbing lips completely enveloping her mouth, her pelvis jammed against her assistant’s nose as Davina tried desperately to unleash hours of pent up frustration in one frantic thrust.

What should have been a moment of highly anticipated euphoric pleasure finally realized, instead was met by a moment of clumsy fiddling.

Clearly Davina’s assistant was inexperienced when it came to the finer nuances of pleasing another woman. Her tongue was awkward and sporadic and moved without any purpose, obviously unsure of what was required of her.

Davina would have to make a mental note that her assistant would need to be given some special training in the very near future. In the mean time, if Davina was going to be prepared for her Boss, she would have to take matters into her own hands.

Pulling her assistant away from her pussy, Davina glared at her as she took a minute to figure what she would have to do.

Her assistant squirming away, refusing to make eye contact and trying to escape the hand gripping her hair tightly and halting her retreat. 

“Hold out your tongue and don’t MOVE!” commanded Davina.

Her assistant opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out making herself open for Davina’s use.  Her hot wet fleshy tongue was begging Davina to feed it and she was more than happy to quench that thirst.

Davina pulled hard up on her assistant’s head rubbing her clit against that welcoming tongue.

That beautiful wet warm appendage adding to Davina’s already soaking sex. A gasp escaping her lips as her pussy begged to be stroked on that soaked tongue more.

Davina began grinding her clit and swollen lips hard against her assistant’s tongue. Driving her hips forward in time with each pulse of her throbbing hard clit. Her hand squeezing a chunk of hair as if her life depended on it, slamming her assistant’s head against her nicely trimmed bush.

Her assistant’s will had completely yielded to Davina, you could feel her body relax into Davina’s grasp.
Davina’s body continued to shake and quiver with every gorgeous thrust. Her body screamed for more, her tongue wasn’t enough Davina’s hunger was quickly growing. She wanted more, she wanted it all!
A flash of her Boss in her minds eye, shook her body as her pussy began sending pulsing waves reverberating throughout her. Davina was coming close, the build was growing stronger with each motion.
But she could only have everything she hungers for when her Boss has deemed her worthy of the honor.
She had to stop, she had to resist all of her urges begging her to finish. The thought to not cum was so painful for Davina, but her desire to serve her Boss and feel her orgasm come from Him was much more powerful.

Pulling her assistant’s head tightly against her pussy, her swollen lips encompassing her mouth and her nose blocked by Davina’s pelvis. Davina tried desperately to slow down her breathing and release all her excess energy so as not to lose control.

She had been so out of it, she didn’t even noticed her assistant struggling for air beneath her. Her eyes massive and panicked, as she desperately struggled against her metal stocks in a futile attempt to free herself.

Releasing her grip, her assistant gasped for air as her body screamed for more. Her limp body spent of energy lay in a mass on the table as all of her focus and energy was directed solely on regaining her breath. Her eyes blinking rapidly as her head rocked from side to side as she strained to clear her head.

Grabbing her jaw Davina brought her face back in line with hers to help her assistant to refocus.

“Stay with me…I only need a little more from you and then you can rest” Davina told her.

Turning back around Davina pulled her thick round ass apart exposing her tight little pink asshole.

“While your desire to serve and please are there…it will take some time for you to build up your stamina. Especially to be able to handle our Boss…He isn’t as gentle as I am. Now clean my asshole with that tongue, so I am able to present it as ready for use!”

Her asshole was always so sensitive to the slightest touch especially with something so hot and wet as a tongue. Just the lightest touch always makes her pussy so hot and wet.
Davina began rocking back and forth to make sure her entire hole covered in that beautifully thick saliva.
Computer alarm sound screeched from the speakers scaring Davina’s assistant causing her to shoot her tongue into her asshole.  The sudden motion and excessive pleasure made Davina jump.
That alarm was her last warning, her Boss would be arriving within minutes. Everything needed to be in place for His arrival.
Standing up quickly, Davina spat in her hand and rubbed the saliva over her asshole to make up for the sloppy job her assistant had performed.
Then grabbing her assistant by the hair she yanked her up onto her feet and pulled her quickly to the corner of the office. Her assistant barely able to keep up, as she scrabbled to stay on her feet.  Small whines escaped her lips in a desperate attempt to try and get Davina to have some sympathy for her and hopefully slow down.
But Davina was on a mission and she had one purpose on her mind.
In fact, she had had only one thought on her mind all weekend. To come in bright and early Monday morning and do whatever she had to do to please her Boss.
Directing her assistant to sit down in the chair propped up in the corner by dragging her hair over top of the seat and indicating with a sternly pointed finger. She quickly fell into place with the only remaining energy she had left.
Davina worked quickly, removing the steel shackles restraining her assistant. With the sudden reprieve her arms fell instantly to her sides and her head slumped forward. Looking at her pathetic form slumped over on the chair; this was not how Davina wanted to present her new assistant to her Boss on her first day.
Wrapping each wrist in a soft leather cuff, she pulled her assistants arms behind the chair, forcing her assistant’s shoulders back and her chest out. Locking her arms in place, Davina quickly pulled her assistant’s hair into a pony tail. Then wrapping her hair in a soft cotton rope, she pulled the rope down bringing her head back until her chin was held up parallel to the floor.
Once in the proper position, Davina tied the rope off onto the locked cuffs. Stepping back, she took a moment to take in her handy work.
If someone didn’t know what her assistant had just been through, they would think she was sitting at complete attention. If it wasn’t for her glazed over eyes of course.
“Watch and learn…This is going to be your crash course in working for our Boss!” Davina explained, “Learn and you may just have a future here.”
And with that Davina turned around, gracefully walked over to her Boss’ desk. Coming along side it, in almost one beautiful fluid movement, she slowly lowered herself to her knees, as she brought her hands behind her back while gracefully keeping her head held high. If she was balancing a book on her head, it would never have moved a inch.
And with one final big exhale of her breath, Davina finally came to rest. All her worries, and concerns froze, her body let go as she remained still and waited.

To Be Continued… 


Alpha Dominant With Suit And Tie

By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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