The dictionary definition of submission is the action of accepting and/or yielding to the will or authority of another person.

A submissive is a person who accepts and finds joy in yielding to their Dominant’s will or authority. But even within that definition with the vast complexity of the human psyche and the

there are a number of different types of submissives and way in which they act in their submission and serve their Dominant.

Different Forms Of Submissive Service

While some people try to classify the kinds of submissives that are out there, really it all boils down to three main categories of submissive service:

  1. Business
  2. Domestic
  3. Pleasure

Business Service

Now the business sub is someone that you might not think of as being a part of the typical BDSM relationship, but it certainly has its merits. This is a sub that handles business affairs that the dominant does not want to handle themselves.
Think of James Spader’s character in “Secretary.”

Now, this kind of sub doesn’t sound all that romantic in terms of BDSM and all the fun parts of it, but releasing the dominant from those kinds of petty, everyday concerns can allow the submissive to feel as though they are serving the dominant and making that Master’s life easier.

Domestic Service

A domestic sub is someone that is more domestically oriented – hence the name. This is someone who is focused on taking care of the home, children, cooking, cleaning, etc. as a means to serve their Master. And this of course has its advantages: who doesn’t want to come home to a clean home that’s organized and free from any stress?

A domestic sub might also be someone that does not work outside the home, but rather is relegated to their service duties inside the home – sometimes with a sexual aspect to them and sometimes not. The possibilities with this kind of sub are endless (no pun intended).

Pleasure Service

The pleasure sub is what  most people think of instantly when they think of a BDSM Dominant/submissive relationship.

This is a sub whose sole purpose is to provide sexual and other kinds of pleasure to their Dominant. You might think of this person as the one that’s locked away in a dungeon and only given attention when the Master wants something from them.

Different Kinds Of Submissives

While everyone’s list is probably different, here are different types of slaves that might be found in a BDSM relationship (in no particular order):
Training For Male Submissives

The One That Just Likes To Receive Pain (Masochist)

This is a submissive that doesn’t so much want the submissive lifestyle, but does want to experience some intense physical feelings during sexual interaction or other settings. While closer to a bottom they will yield more to the Dominant during negotiated scenes.

The One That Wants To Be Submissive In Non-Traditional Ways

This is a submissive that wants to be the infant, a pet (dog, cat, etc) or a man that wants to be forced to dress like a woman (forced feminization). This person might really enjoy being humiliated, but doesn’t necessarily want to serve the desires of another person. Because of these tastes, they will generally be controlling the contents of the actual scene. Again, while aligning closer to a bottom they will yield more to the Dominant during negotiated scenes.

The One That Sort Of Likes To Be Subservient

This is a submissive that likes to feel used from time to time, but only during negotiated conditions. This person might be into foot fetishes and thus serve a Master/Mistress in that manner, but generally only wants to ‘play’ the submissive role.

The One That Likes To Play In An Erotic Way

This submissive is one that gives up their control to a dominant, but only for the purpose of getting some ‘fun’ in return. This might be someone that is used by a Dom for a scene or for some other limited time. They may or may not be masochists and only ‘dabble’ in BDSM play but are not interested in the idea of serving over an extended period.

The One That Gives Up Control For Their Pleasure

This is a submissive that really gets aroused by the idea of be Dominated by someone else. While they might have general ideas of what they want and don’t want, they are turned on by the whims of the person dominating them. However, this submission is restricted to certain time frames and settings – maybe within a relationship. Usually found within the realm of sexual submission.

The One That's Only Submits When They Want To Be

This is a submissive that might agree to do whatever a Dom wants for a negotiated period of time, though longer than one that just likes to play. This slave is someone that gives up control over what happens, but is allowed to walk away when they want to as well – can include a relationship.

The One That Is A Submissive When They Can

Sometimes referred to as a part time submissive, this submissive is one that has other commitments going on, but gives up all free time to their chosen Master or Mistress.

Training For Female Submissives

The One That Desires To Be Submissive Every Day

This would be a submissive that is a live in part of a relationship in which they serve their Master or Mistress fully, every hour of the day. Much like a marriage, there would be an agreement as to what would be expected and how the BDSM practices would be carried out prior to this kind of commitment.

Are You A Submissive?

You would be pleasantly surprised how common submissive desires are among the general adult population. It is much more common than you think and is one of the most popular fantasies.

When you’re always in the world and need to be the one that controls the things around you, being able to completely relinquish that control to someone else is not only freeing but arousing.

Here are some questions that you will want to ask yourself:

  • Does the idea of surrendering control of your body and wishes to another arouse you?
  • Does serving someone’s desires pique your interest?
  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to learn the wants and desires of someone else and then provide them with that behavior?
  • Do you receive pleasure solely from pleasing those around you?

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