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Introducing Edge-Play Are you a fan of near-the-knuckle BDSM fun that sets your heart racing? If a mild spanking leaves you unfulfilled and fluffy handcuffs bore you rigid, you can take things up a notch with edge-play. What is Edge-Play? Described by some as risky, edge-play carries a level of danger, but it’s also stimulating and designed to thrill. Edge-play describes BDSM activities that are …

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An enema is the simple task of putting water up into the anus to clean out any remaining fecal matter in the bowel. Water is pushed up into the rectum and then as it mixes with the matter that is present, your body then flushes it out into the toilet for disposal. When people have severe problems with constipation, an enema might be administered to help relieve the discomfort and eliminate the blockage. While a medical solution to begin with for many people the act of the enema is a truly arousing and intoxicating fetish.

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