Introducing Edge-Play

Are you a fan of near-the-knuckle BDSM fun that sets your heart racing? If a mild spanking leaves you unfulfilled and fluffy handcuffs bore you rigid, you can take things up a notch with edge-play.

What is Edge-Play?

Described by some as risky, edge-play carries a level of danger, but it’s also stimulating and designed to thrill. Edge-play describes BDSM activities that are extreme in nature, so it’s fair to say they’re likely to push boundaries and test limits. Edge-play takes the submissive to the outer edges of their comfort zone and can generate feelings of fear, humiliation, and pain. As with most BDSM activities pain thresholds and tolerance levels vary from kinkster to kinkster, so what constitutes extreme play for one, might be classed merely as a warm-up for another!

Edge-Play Activities

Edge-play scenarios incorporate a range of exhilarating activities, but they all share a common trait – some may consider them extreme:

Fear Play

Let’s start with fear play, this is a broad term relating to using fear to arouse and sexually stimulate someone. The sub usually experiences strong emotions such as terror and distress and this produces a satisfying adrenaline rush.


Electrical play using e-stim devices such as TENS units and violet wands can add a real buzz to play. Watch the current and voltage – start low and ramp things up once you are both comfortable with the methods and the scenario.


Often used in abduction and torture scenarios, waterboarding involves pinning the sub down and covering their head and face with a wet cloth. Water can be poured onto the cloth to heighten the drowning sensation.


This type of edge-play might not lead to physical damage, but it can provoke a strong emotional reaction. Being forced to carry out demeaning tasks, such as eating from a dog bowl or cleaning shoes with your tongue can cause high-level angst.

Breath Play

Also known as erotic asphyxiation, breath play involves limiting airflow. This can be achieved by placing a hand over a sub’s mouth or placing hands around their neck. Alternatively, the Dom can smother the sub with a plastic bag or hood, such as a latex hood with a zip. Airflow restriction can also be achieved by wearing a tight corset. Breath play leads to an endorphin rush, brought on as the sub struggles for air. Solo subs can also indulge in breath play (autoerotic asphyxiation), but this is considered riskier as there’s no one around to help should things go wrong.

Temperature Play

As the name suggests temperature play consists of exposing an individual to high and low temperatures. This can be done in a variety of ways such as hosing a sub down with cold water, or forcing them to perform naked snow angels (the patterns will look pretty afterward, but the sub will be too busy freezing their ass off to notice)! At the other end of the spectrum, we have exposure to heat. This can be achieved via methods such as wrapping the sub in shrink-wrap, forcing them to work out in a hot room, or fire play (see below).

Fire Play

As youngsters we’re often told not to play with fire, but flaming torches, fire floggers, and the like can be used to tease and thrill. Fire shouldn’t burn, just provide enough heat to tickle. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique you can create dramatic dark streaks on the skin (known as tiger stripes).

Medical Play

This can range from medical staplers to needles, enemas, catheters, and sounding, amongst other things. Scenarios can involve role-play and dressing up in medical garb e.g., doctor’s coats, nurse’s aprons, patient’s theatre gowns, etc. This type of play is best carried out in a well-equipped BDSM medical room with authentic props and equipment to hand.


Regressive play calls for a sub to adopt the persona of a baby, toddler, or youngster – wearing appropriate clothing e.g., a diaper, bib, childish clothing, etc., and using appropriate props such as a dummy, bottle, or teddy bear. The Dom adopts the role of caregiver and looks after the sub (this can involve feeding, changing, chastising, and play – dependent on the dynamic involved).


Sharps might include using knives, daggers, swords, needles, claws, and pinwheels to scratch or mark the skin. When it comes to sharps, there’s usually blood!

Water Sports

Forget your surfing and water skis, we’re talking piss play, golden showers, and pee drinking. Water sports is the term used to describe BDSM activities involving urine.


From pee to poop, SCAT play relates to using faeces in a scenario. This could involve wearing poop, eating poop, and being pooped on. Human toilets enjoy lying on the floor and gratefully receiving golden showers and poo from enthusiastic kinksters.

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)

Abducted, being forced to carry out sexual/degrading tasks, sexual assault, and rape – it’s fair to say Consensual Non-Consent is not for the faint-hearted. The key word here is consensual – so the Dom carries out acts that mimic non-consensual acts, but actually has the sub’s consent to do so.

Who Engages in Edge-Play?

Intense and bold, edge-play is best suited to those who have already found their feet in the BDSM world. Experienced players with a penchant for wild fun will more than likely love edge-play, but newbies need to earn their BDSM stripes before dipping their toes.

Edge-play enables the Dominant to do what they do best – take control as they tease and torment the poor submissive. We use the term “poor” loosely here, as the submissive can let go and enjoy the powerful sensations and emotions that go hand-in-hand with succumbing to extreme BDSM fun.

Due to the nature of edge play, those involved need to be comfortable with one another. Communication is key as limits are often stretched. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that edge play appeals to fans of TPE and those who share a D/s dynamic.

How to Ensure Edge-Play is Safe, Sane, and Consensual

It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, but despite its reputation as a risky way to get your kink on, edge-play can tick the safe, sane, and consensual box. As with all BDSM activities, edge-play carries a level of risk, and it’s fair to say edge-play is more dangerous than milder BDSM activities, but done correctly edge-play can also rock your world.

Negotiation and Limits

Edge-play lends itself well to next-level BDSM exploration, but the usual rules of the game apply. Before you move to any form of play you need to openly discuss and negotiate the planned scene. Limits and boundaries still need to be talked about – and if they are going to be pushed, just how far can they go?

Consent and Safe-Words

Consent is essential, you can’t play without it. Negotiate your scene. identify risks and boundaries and then set a safe word and signal. Make sure you discuss aftercare too.

Skills and Research

Carry out any research required, and make sure you are fully educated and have the adequate skills to play out the scene safely and as intended.

Planning and Prep

What will your scene involve and where will play will take place? This will be dependent on the type of edge-play you’re engaging in. E.g., sharps need to be used in a clean environment, and you’ll need gloves, antiseptic wipes, covers, and a sharps bin.

Check In

During the scene, it’s important to check in with one another. This doesn’t need to be overt – asking each other if you’re ok every five minutes could be detrimental to play and trash your head-space. It’s important to identify safe words and signals but consider using verbal and non-verbal cues too as an indicator of how the scene is going.

Ending the Scene and Aftercare

You’ll need to come up with a way to end the scene. Aftercare needs to be discussed too. Both submissives and Dominants may need some level of aftercare – this could be a cuddle, a snug blanket, food, and drink, or simply a chat.

The Risks of Edge-Play

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, edge-play can be risky, so you’ll need to plan and make sure you’re aware of potential pitfalls, such as:


If you’re using sharps, limiting someone’s air supply or lighting a torch, and letting the flame dance on naked skin there’s a chance of injury. We’re talking about everything from minor grazes and scratches to more serious injuries such as burns, welts, and heavy bruises. Make sure the area is set up to accommodate your scene – that means ensuring you have the necessary safety equipment and a first aid box to hand.


Edge-play regularly yields blood, sweat, and tears, and can also involve sperm, saliva urine, and faeces. When it comes to sharps, you’ll need to use sterile instruments and antiseptic wipes, along with covers or pads to deal with blood spills and splatter. Needles etc need to be properly disposed of and the area thoroughly cleaned. If you’re engaging in piss play or SCAT, you’ll need to find an area that can be soiled and easily cleaned after (a wet room with a drain or a secluded outdoor area might work well). As for sperm, the safe-sex rule is always the way to go – use a condom to prevent pregnancy and STIs.


Edge play can provoke powerful emotions, and trigger negative thoughts associated with previous traumas. It’s important to talk about concerns and potential triggers before commencing any play. You will need to decide whether to exclude triggers completely or include them with due caution.

The Pleasure of Edge-Play

Thrills and spills, fun and frolics – edge-play can bring untold pleasure your way. If you’re just starting out on your journey it’s best to take it slow. Master one thing at a time and soon you’ll be edge-playing like a pro.

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