October 2013

Oh Halloween

Oh Halloween, the time of year where everybody in North America dresses a little more risque, lowers their inhibitions and accepts many of the taboos in the world.  If you ask Me, clearly this is a sign that many people truly have a desire for the naughty things in life. While they try to ignore it for most of the year, they need at least […]

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Test Your Submissive By Shaving Them

Trust is one of the tenets of a Master-slave relationship. If your slave doesn’t trust you, then the relationship will fizzle out and die. Often in training, you will create scenarios in which your slave’s trust is tested and tested again. Sometimes, it can be challenging to continuously find ways to test your slave. A new way to test the trust of your slave is

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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