Test Your Submissive By Shaving Them

Trust is one of the tenets of a Master-slave relationship. If your slave doesn’t trust you, then the relationship will fizzle out and die. Often in training, you will create scenarios in which your slave’s trust is tested and tested again. Sometimes, it can be challenging to continuously find ways to test your slave. A new way to test the trust of your slave is by shaving them before a scene. When you do so, your slave is forced to give over control of their most intimate parts – for you to do with them what you will.

Why Shaving is More Difficult

When your slave is before you, presenting her private areas to you to be shaved, there is an agreement that is made. You are going to shave her and she is not going to be hurt in the process. At the same time, no matter how strong your relationship is, she can be nervous about what will happen. After all, handing over a sharp object to you might not be a part of your normal play. In addition, it’s a natural human response to want to move out of the way of danger, so she might have troubles not moving or wincing. This process will take her utmost concentration and it will take your concentration as you begin to prepare her skin and then eventually shave her.

Preparing the Skin

You can prepare the skin by having your slave sit in a warm bath. This will help to open up the pores and the hair follicles on the skin. In doing so, it will be easier for you to shave her and it will be more comfortable for her. You will want to clean the area to be shaved completely and then dry her off. If she has long hair to be shaved, it will be easier to start by trimming it with an electric razor and then you can move onto the next step. You might also want to prepare the skin with a thick shaving crème. This will help to keep the skin soft and it will help to prevent razor burn. Once the skin has the crème or lotion on the skin, it’s time to begin the shaving process.

Removing the Hair

It can be helpful to have your slave restrained during this sort of scene, to add to the intensity. However, it can also be a great test of your slave’s training up to this point, if she is able to maintain her posture. Then you will know that she has been working hard on being the best slave she can be. If she has troubles, then you know how you can train and test her in the future. Some Masters like to blindfold their slaves during a shaving scene, but this can make a slave very uncomfortable and prone to moving when they should not. You might want to use a safety razor or a high quality disposable razor instead of a straight blade. While the blade is more dramatic, if you don’t know how to use it, you can end up hurting your slave. Start with small strokes with the hair and then go back over the areas against the growth of the hair. This will ensure you can get all of the hair that you want to shave, making the area silky smooth.

How you choose to shave your slave is up to you. When you shave your slave, you will create a new feeling in her genital area, reminding her that you are everywhere in her life. And when she trusts you, she has nothing to fear.


Master Bishop


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