November 2011

BDSM Gifts That Keep Giving

Having a hard time trying to think of gift ideas for the coming holidays? Give something that the both of you can enjoy. Try something that you can give multiple times throughout the year and they can enjoy receiving each time. Those are the gifts everybody loves receiving the best. A gift that gets everybody in the festive and giving spirit. The BDSM Toy Shop

Safe BDSM Practices

Safety is everything in a relationship and it’s even more important when you’re practicing BDSM. In order to make sure that you’re having a safe interaction with your partner, you need to follow some basic rules of sanitation and boundaries so that you’re able to practice BDSM without harming your health or the health of your partner. *************************************************** Basic Safety Rules *************************************************** When you’re interested …

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Topping From The Bottom

One of the biggest dilemmas in BDSM is when bottoms top when they’re bottoming. Confused yet? This is a situation in which those who are submissive tell their Dominants what a sub wants a Dom/me to do. While it does seem to go against the idea of giving up control to someone else, there are times when this practice is appropriate – and that’s where …

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How to Create a Longer Scene with your Slave

While there might be times when you want to make your slave do all of the naughty things you want them to do – all within fifteen minutes – there are other times when you might be more interested in having a longer scene. But with a longer scene comes more problems and often more concerns for you as the Master and for your slave. …

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