The joys of being a painslut

How to Become a Painslut

Pain isn’t always a part of a slave’s existence, but in most BDSM relationships, it does play some role. When your Master/Mistress is someone who wants to see just how much pain you can take, you need to be ready to take it all – and to do so with grace and appreciation. After all, it takes a lot of energy for your Dom/me to give you the pain that you will receive from them. You can become a painslut, someone who is eager to accept pain and who is always ready for more, no matter how large the welts and bruises might become.

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The Gift of Pain In BDSM

Right now, you need to start looking at pain, not as something that you have to endure, but as a gift from your Master or Mistress. Realize now that you are the one they have chosen to accept and to take the pain they are giving, and that this is a special present of their time and of their attention. Each time your Dom/me wants you to take more pain, realize this is because they believe you can take more and they want to see just how far you are willing to go in order to show them your commitment to your role in their life. If you aren’t willing to take pain in order to please your Master/Mistress, you might want to rethink whether you are the right slave for them. That is, if giving pain is a major part of their Dominant desires.

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance

Some people are born with high tolerance for pain, and this might include you. If not, there are ways to continue to build your pain tolerance so that you can take more and more from your Master or Mistress. To begin, you need to focus your breathing when you are experiencing pain. Each time you feel a wave of pain course through you, you need to breathe in deeply, helping to bring your focus to your breath instead of to the pain. You can also focus on relaxing your body (which often happens naturally when you breathe deeply), as this will decrease the chance that you will have muscle tension in addition to your pain.

But the most effective way to increase your pain tolerance is to continue to experience pain. The more you experience it, the more you will be able to take it without flinching and without shrieking. You need to ask for more and more, until you hit the point where it’s too much. And then, at the next training session, try to move past that breaking point.

Just because you are learning to become a painslut, does not mean you can’t say your safeword if things become more painful then you can handle. In fact your Dominant is expecting you to call out your safeword. That way your Dom/me knows the exact point at which you can handle the pain they are giving you. While you want to please your Dom/me by accepting all the pain they give you, you must always feel for signs within yourself as to when too much is too much. Don’t be afraid to call out your safeword.

Connecting Pain with Pleasure

A painslut not only enjoys pain, but they also will begin to derive pleasure from it. You can do this by focusing on how good the pain feels after it hits your body. Focus on this sensation as being something that’s positive and something that is making you a better slave. This might not come naturally at first, but when you continue to allow the pain to be something that is positive, you will create a new connection in your brain. You might also want to focus on the orgasms that are given to you after you have endured a long pain session. When you know pleasure is coming after your graceful acceptance of pain, you will not look at pain as just being a terrible experience. This experience will become something that you look forward to, as the more willing you are, the more your Master or Mistress will be willing to reward you for your hard work.

Some slaves will also find ways to practice giving themselves pain on their own and then masturbating during or right after to connect pain with pleasure. Talk with your Dom/me about whether you could be allowed to try this technique as well.

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5 thoughts on “How to Become a Painslut”

  1. i really appreciate your writings and insights into both the Dom/me and subs life style. As a sub I have gleaned much info from the both of you. You have helped me to be a more loyal and dedicated slave. Thank you very much.
    slave gio

  2. i really appreciate your writings and insights into both the Dom/me and subs life style. As a sub I have gleaned much info from the both of you. You have helped me to be a more loyal and dedicated slave. Thank you very much.
    slave gio i

  3. i couldn’t agree more. a male slave should always be ready to take a good ass whipping from his Mistress. i am happy to be the personal whipping-boy for my Mistress.

  4. My wife is my Dominatrix/Mistress. She has gotten very good at handling the crop she uses on me. It is an essential part of being a submissive. That and a good session with her strap-on.

  5. i have been masohist since childhood and enjoy pain. During a sessions i have built my pain tolerance and have orgasms only receiving pain what is much stronger than sexual orgasms. Finally i have find the Master who i love and who i serve not only during sessions, but also as domestic slave.
    You are right pain tolerance is encreasing with time receiving the pain.
    i like Your articles and always wait new.
    submissive cat

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