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Alpha Submissive Growth From Service

Servant Leadership for the Alpha Submissive

The first time I heard the term “alpha submissive” it resonated with me immediately. It was described as the woman boss who doesn’t back down in the corporate world but once she’s behind closed doors, the pumps come off and the collar goes on. An independent woman who doesn’t need a man but always needs her Daddy.

Conceptually it made sense to me, but when I thought about it a little deeper, there are many layers to alpha submissives that work very well with servant leadership. Intertwining servant leadership with my submission has not only allowed me to submit more readily but also has led to levels of personal growth and accountability that I never realized were attainable.

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Why Would An Alpha Want To Be Submissive

Why Some Alphas Desire Submission

The one thing that tends to confuse most people about BDSM and Dominant/submissive relationships is the dynamic of the submissive alpha. I’m sure you know the one I am talking about, the individual who is a complete Dominating alpha in their entire life and yet has an enormous need to submit in their kinky life. So what is an alpha? Many would agree that an

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BDSM Alpha Submissive

I Have Top Energy But I’m Still a Submissive

No matter where you identify on the spectrum of Dominance and submissive (D/s), few people are all one or the other — even when being one or the other is part of your identity. In relationships and under the right circumstances, I’m fully a submissive. My natural inclination is to submit, yield, and do what I’m asked or told by a dominant partner. But there

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