Scarlette Hemsworth

Scarlette is a polyamorous kinkster, freelance writer, sex worker, and indie author based out of California. She was introduced to the kink world in 2018 and identifies as a 24/7 little, sub, and ABDL. Scarlette enjoys watching anime, playing video games, and building terrariums in her spare time.

Holistic Aftercare

Part 1: A Holistic Approach To Aftercare 

I consider “aftercare” to be a ritual or activity that helps both parties reorient themselves to the real world after a scene. In my experience, it’s a brief activity that happens before the “goodbyes” or a transitional activity between other events. In comparison, what I call “holistic aftercare” includes reorientation activities and rituals extending beyond the scene’s immediate end. It includes not only post-scene activities […]

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Communicate Your Submissive Little Desires From Your Heart

Communication Standards for Submissives & Littles

The Importance of Effective Communication Effective communication is an important pillar of any healthy relationship. I’ve found that the communication skills I’ve gained through my Teacher/student kink dynamic have helped me improve my ability to communicate in other areas of my life. Learning to better express myself has made all the difference, not only in my romantic relationships but also in platonic, familial, and professional

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Submissive Discovery Of Little Self Identity

Undercover Littles: Integrating Little Me In Daily Life

The little’s community was not just the first community I encountered when I stumbled into the lifestyle in 2018, but also one of the warmest and most accepting. Despite my lack of familiarity with the language, practices, or dynamic structures, it felt like I had found my people at last. Being “little” is more of a character trait than a hat I wear during a

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Know Your BDSM Boundaries

Creating Boundaries From Scratch

My upbringing didn’t prepare me for the concept of boundaries. Instead, I learned that privacy was seen as a negative and equated to secrecy. I also learned that self-sacrifice was one of the cornerstones of love and that to say no to someone you loved made you a mean, evil person. Needless to say, I left home primed and ready for victimhood, codependent relationships, and heartbreak.

I found myself in situation after situation where I was constantly made a doormat. It didn’t matter how nice I was or how often I changed myself, the expectation was for me to take all of my partners’ negativity and smile while doing so. It had gotten to the point where mistreatment was so normalized, I could never see the warning signs and found myself in one soul-sucking relationship after another.

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The Strength Within Submission

Submissive Self-Collaring

When I first found the kink world, I suppose what I was looking for was direction. As a submissive, little, and pet, having a guardian in the lifestyle and life was something that appealed to me. What I discovered after finding myself in lackluster partnerships, toxic pairings, and uncomfortable situations was that a part of me was looking for someone to lead me because I

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Healing With Kink Part 2

Kink Healing: Part 2

A continuation of kink healing part 1 to delve deeper into understanding the potential healing power of kink.

When I first found BDSM I had many misconceptions about the potential of the lifestyle. I was under the impression BDSM was just a fun bedroom activity to escape the real world and that it could be a place to connect with other “freaks” like myself. While there is a level of truth to that, the more I leaned into the lifestyle, the more I discovered it’s true potential. Because the BDSM world is so steeped in vulnerability, connection, and communication, it serves as the perfect arena for growth and personal development.

When I came to this conclusion, it delved deeper into experimenting with different elements of BDSM and whether or not it could transform my life.

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Kink Healing

Kink Healing

The kink lifestyle has always been incredibly fruitful for me. I’ve been able to explore myself sexually, discover what makes me tick, and been able to tap into pleasures I never knew could exist. Beyond the physical pleasure, I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a place of healing within the kink lifestyle. I am someone who has suffered from mental health illness since my

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Refocus Yourself Through Your BDSM

Refocusing Harmful Traits

While navigating the kink space, I’ve experienced many moments of vulnerability. Moments that shed light on some toxic traits that I wasn’t aware I possessed. A toxic trait, at least how I define it, is anything that is detrimental to yourself or another person in a relationship. All I knew is that these weren’t traits that I wanted to keep.

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Alpha Submissive Growth From Service

Servant Leadership for the Alpha Submissive

The first time I heard the term “alpha submissive” it resonated with me immediately. It was described as the woman boss who doesn’t back down in the corporate world but once she’s behind closed doors, the pumps come off and the collar goes on. An independent woman who doesn’t need a man but always needs her Daddy.

Conceptually it made sense to me, but when I thought about it a little deeper, there are many layers to alpha submissives that work very well with servant leadership. Intertwining servant leadership with my submission has not only allowed me to submit more readily but also has led to levels of personal growth and accountability that I never realized were attainable.

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Femininity Through Submission

Reclaiming Femininity Through Submission

Something that I appreciate about the kink world is that there is space to explore myself to the fullest extent. I get to define my own meaning, discover hidden layers through play, and choose how I express myself in a non-judgmental community. Throughout my kink journey, I’ve come to understand what femininity looks like for me as well as found space to relish and lean into that femininity. In my vanilla life, up to this point, I did not have the opportunity to be as feminine as I would have liked to be so BDSM has offered me the space to reclaim the person I feel like I am.

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