Opera Gloves in Your BDSM Scene

When you go to see a play, you might notice that the props can often make an ordinary scene one that is  Wet look Long Glovesmemorable. The same thing can be said for BDSM scenes. Though you might have a powerful voice and a strong presence, there’s something more exciting about a Mistress or Master that pulls out a prop and begins to throw it around at a slave or near a slave. And the most innocuous props are the ones that really seem to make the difference. Opera gloves, though simple looking at first, are able to turn a simple scene into one that changes a slave – for the better.

Wearing Gloves to Please

Though it doesn’t really matter who’s wearing the gloves, the Mistress is the most common person for the job. She will wear the gloves at the start of a scene or she will show them to the slave as she is putting them on, ever more seductively and slowly. This process serves to show the slave that she is trying to turn him on, but also that he is only just an observer to her beauty…until she decides to allow him otherwise. The gloves might also be a common addition to the scene, but they might only be taken out and used as something more once in a while. It’s up to you how you want to begin to change the way that you interact with a slave.


The Glove Restraint Method

Sub Question: What If I Can’t Provide What My Dom/me Wants?

I love bondage and that’s the only thing that really gets me sexually in the mood with my mistress. She likes to bind me and fuck me but what do I do if my mistress wants something I can’t provide?




Mistress Brianne’s Opinion