May 2012

Starting Out A BDSM Scene

How To Start A BDSM Scene?

BDSM Question I think the real problem that causes subs to misbehave is that there is an insecure feeling about how to start a nice evening. Let me tell you how it started to go wrong with me and my former Master (and relation). The only way I ever started a session was by saying ‘honey do you want to come upstairs so we can […]

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What Types of BDSM Masters Exist?

The stereotypical image of a Master is a man in leather who simply takes a woman up over his shoulder and forces her to do whatever he wants her to do. And basically, this is the case with most BDSM relationships. However, just as there are many flavors of ice cream, there are also many ‘flavors’ of Masters. If you’re still struggling to find your

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What Types Of BDSM Mistresses Are There?

While you might think otherwise, not all Mistresses are the same. Though they share the same quality of dominating a slave, the way in which they provide this domination can vary from relationship to relationship. In order to make sure you present yourself as the ‘right’ sort of Mistress for the slave you have in mind, you will want to think about where you fit

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Bondage Gear Sale

With each week, I sit down and review the surveys that are filled out for the site. I normally look to see, what people enjoy, where W/we can make improvements and different areas that people need help with. One common problem I did notice was that many people are having a hard time finding durable, quality bondage and BDSM gear. Its for this reason, that

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The Essentials of Boot Worship Scenes

Boot worship is on many Dominants minds during their BDSM scenes. After all, there’s nothing more submissive than having a slave at your feet, licking your leather for as long as you tell them to do. But if you’re still a beginner to boot worship, it can help to understand how to construct a great boot worship scene for you and for your slave. Thankfully,

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Show You’re Ready for Tougher Training

As a slave, you have a lot of responsibilities to your Master/Mistress. You have to show him that you are listening to what he is telling you and that you are going to do what he commands you to do. Even though you might not have thought you were going to be a good slave in the beginning, over time, and with dedication, you have

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