Show You’re Ready for Tougher Training

As a slave, you have a lot of responsibilities to your Master/Mistress. You have to show him that you are listening to what he is telling you and that you are going to do what he commands you to do. Even though you might not have thought you were going to be a good slave in the beginning, over time, and with dedication, you have become a more effective slave, someone who is able to follow directions and be graceful in your role. What happens when you have reached all of your current training goals?

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Talk to Your Master/Mistress

When you feel that you are ready for more intensive training as a slave, you need to let your Master know. While he might have a slight idea, he might also feel more comfortable with you asking for more intense work, than to give it to you when HE feels you are ready. At the same time, a Master/Mistress might want to wait until a slave feels they are ready and then put them through tests to see if this is the case. Or a Master/Mistress might choose to control their slave by only allowing them to reach certain levels of training…until the Master/Mistress wants to move them to new challenges.


Change Your Contract

If you want to start adding in more intense exercises that move you past the pre-determined limits you have in your contract, then you will need to sit down together to change the contract entirely. Show what parts you want to add to and which parts you want to keep in place. You may need to explain to your Master/Mistress why you feel you need to have more intensity, so be ready to explain what you have already learned. Once the new contract is in place, then you will need to follow these new rules and you will need to be ready for the new limits to be pushed in each training session.

Intensify Training Sessions

BDSM Slave Training ProgramWhen you’re not talking to a Master/Mistress regularly, or you don’t have a contract because you only do BDSM scenes once in a while, the slave might want to show the Master/Mistress they can take more. You can ask the Master for more spankings, whippings, etc. You can also make sure that you’re pushing your body into the pain you might be receiving, showing that you can take on more pain in each scene. At the same time, you will need to perform all your duties perfectly, so it’s clear that you need to be challenged more. Some slaves think they need to behave badly to start seeing more intense scenes, but this can often anger the Master more than it will encourage them to increase their training.

It’s natural for you to want more challenges as you develop in your role as a slave. When you feel ready, talk to your Master/Mistress or request that he try to add more responsibilities to your slave role. You might want to frame this in the context that you want to please him more and do more for him because you want to be the best possible slave you can be. While it might take a little time for the Master/Mistress to transition to a new training program, knowing that he has already mastered one level of your training will encourage him to see what else he can have you do. Before talking to your Master/Mistress be certain you are ready for more intense training as it’s hard to take such a request back. Looking to the BDSM Slave Training to learn more ways to serve your Master/Mistress.

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By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 19 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 14 years.

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