Making BDSM Dating A Little Easier

HelpWantedToFindAKinkyPartnerFinding a compatible partner in the vanilla world can be a very difficult task.  Each person has different morals, values, sense of humor, goals in life, physical tastes, etc, etc  There are hundreds of different things that can make or break a vanilla relationship and determine if two individuals will ever be truly compatible.  Now if dating is difficult in the vanilla world, that must make dating in the Kinky community extremely difficult.

You still have all the difficulties and compatibility issues that vanilla daters face but now you have to find someone that is your complete opposite in regards to your kinks.  If you like being Dominant then you need to find someone who likes to be submissive, however its not that simple. Does this person have similar kinks and lifestyle desires as you?  Are they wanting to be in a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship or are they just looking to be submissive in the bedroom.  Do they want a monogamous relationship or a poly relationship. If you enjoy spanking, flogging, caning, bondage, etc, do they enjoy these activities as well.  I’m sure you can see how being kinky adds so many more dynamics to an already complex dating situation.  While it may seem impossible to find someone in this lifestyle, you have to remember there is someone for everyone in this world.

Where To Find A Partner

A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master

i am a submissive/slave 24/7 to my Master. The journey began 21 years ago as Husband and wife and over the past 3 years has grown into the Master/slave, Total Power Exchange lifestyle i am honored and blessed to share with my Master/Husband. i’m certain this all sounds wonderful and romantic, erotic and fun; Living 24/7 in bondage or in a constant state of sexual arousal. Having all your fantasies and desires fulfilled while kneeling at the feet of your Master. Well yes, in many ways it is, but not always.

Join me for a typical Monday: