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Acts Of Service

I am a slave in a dedicated, long-term loving M/s relationship. I have been with my Master for 25 years. The first 18 as husband and wife, and then for the past 7 yrs. W/we have nurtured and grown our relationship into a consensual loving Master, slave relationship. Having come into the lifestyle from an existing loving relationship has provided some unique challenges but also […]

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The Reality of Fantasy

We all have them, those amazing sexual fantasies; the ones that may have first introduced us to the passions burning with in us, the desires that go beyond the typical sexual acts of the vanilla couple. The romantic, animalistic beautifully painfully and scary pictures painted in all those novels, the Victorian house maid, the pleasure slave, the kidnapped, bound and tortured and the 50 shades

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Why i serve

(A journal entry by sub-kathleen) Recently events have caused me to reflect on this amazing journey i am sharing with my Master. How it began and where we are today and some of the Whys… i recall beginning with the conversation… Telling my husband of 18 years that i had these desires…Then exploring and learning about the many intricacies of the BDSM lifestyle and more

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When Master Struggled, i Learned

i am a slave devoted to the loving care, happiness and desires of my Master. But recently it was beginning to feel as if i had no tools, no training, no clue or understanding about how to help that one most important person in my life, my Master. It is amazing how unbalanced you can feel when the person who takes care of all your

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A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master

i am a submissive/slave 24/7 to my Master. The journey began 21 years ago as Husband and wife and over the past 3 years has grown into the Master/slave, Total Power Exchange lifestyle i am honored and blessed to share with my Master/Husband. i’m certain this all sounds wonderful and romantic, erotic and fun; Living 24/7 in bondage or in a constant state of sexual

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Learning to Serve with your Heart — “Times i feel most in service”

The times when I feel most in service— Are not when i am following the rules, being obedient, or learning a new task or mastering a new protocol. Although absolutely vital to my submission and service and growth these are not the times i feel most in service. The times when i feel most in service  —Are when i can take a stress from Master without

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I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

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