Learning to Serve with your Heart — “Times i feel most in service”

The times when I feel most in serviceAre not when i am following the rules, being obedient, or learning a new task or mastering a new protocol. Although absolutely vital to my submission and service and growth these are not the times i feel most in service.

The times when i feel most in service  —Are when i can take a stress from Master without having to be asked. The times when i can see that Master is going to struggle between his responsibility to take care of his submissive/slave and his need to take care of his own self.

Sometimes taking an uncomfortable decision and making it easier for your Master by offering a solution that will give Him the desired end result can be very comforting and de-stressing even to the most controlling of Dominants/Masters.

A good example of what i am suggesting is this case in point.

my Master  is an extremely generous man especially when it comes to family and my family in particular. There have been so many challenges and needs and Master has made an effort to take care of as many of them as possible.  Knowing how important my family is to me and having taken on the role of “Head of the Family ” always keeping my best interest first and His burdens second.

So when family events;  birthdays, holidays, gathering etcetera come up Master has me put them on the social calendar and Master chooses which events W/we will attend.  Master makes every effort to not miss important family events and will always put His needs second to Family.

The calendar for this month is set and i am reviewing Master’s decisions. i see my Aunt’s birthday is coming up the end of the week and we have the date reserved to celebrate with her.  My Aunt is single late 60’s and has no friends. She is my father’s last living relative and i feel responsible for her on some levels.  Not to mention that i personally feel no one should spend their birthday alone.

Master feels the same way but has been extremely over extended at work these past 3 weeks. Working 12 hour days and bringing work home He was running almost on empty.  He needs a break but His sense of responsibility to take care of “things” is creating a conflict, an internal struggle and frankly a stress He truly does not need.

my immediate reaction, my heart’s desire is to take this stress from Him but how? How can i do this without seeming to want to control the situation? How can i do this without appearing as if i am trying to control our social calendar or without seeming as if i am questioning Master’s decision to make time for a family member’s special day?

After assessing the situation i felt based on my relationship and dynamic with Master the best course of action would be to request some time to discuss a possible birthday plan for my Aunt.  i assembled in my mind a Day celebration – an outing for the day to include the birthday girl (my Aunt), my Sister, Father and myself.. The day would begin with breakfast, then off to the beach for sun, ocean waves and a specially prepared picnic lunch with a cake and gifts and family.

This plan took into consideration that my Aunt spends most of her summer indoors. She has difficulty with the hot temperatures in the summer and rarely goes out during the day but she loves the ocean and the beach and would absolutely enjoy spending the day out. This plan could also alleviate the stress and responsibility Master would have had to plan a celebration dinner after a 12 hour work day and could help to relieve some of Master’s guilt for not attending. Planning our celebration during the day meant Master would have to graciously decline joining us as He was needed at work that day.

So with the plan set and ready to present i respectfully got into request position and asked Master for time to discuss a suggestion i had regarding my Aunt’s upcoming birthday. Permission was given and Master said that He would hear my suggestion after diner that evening.

When i presented my plan i could actually see the stress drain from Master’s face and the relief in His eyes. i could see the appreciation in the slight curve of His lips as He controlled the smile that was threatening to show itself.  He liked it He actually liked my plan…

Master said He thought my plan was excellent and that my Aunt would be very happy. He then said “Thank you”  “Thank you for doing this.” “I’ve been so busy at work I hadn’t even had time to think about your Aunt’s birthday”  Your plan is perfect!!!!

i was beaming with pride and joy at having been able to give this gift to Master. Being able to offer my own thought and plan affording Master the ability to focus His attentions where they were most needed and to know that i have pleased Master and served Him well.  Yes this is the time when i feel most in service…

Oh and later… Master was very appreciative. It is amazing what can happen when your Master has only you to think about and make plans for… wouldn’t you agree?

i’m certain many of you have had similar situation. Times when you wanted to help and serve without appearing to be taking control or switching roles. Times when your heart felt the need to serve. If your dynamic and relationship allows for open communication then follow your heart.

Respectfully and with a caring obedient tone, try offering your Master a little break from the pressure of always having to be the decision maker. Having to always make time for all things or make the plan…  Make a plan that would both alleviate your Master’s stress and be acceptable for all other parties involved.  The final decision is always Master’s to make.

Several things to remember:

  • Be respectful
  • Ask for time to discuss your thoughts or plan
  • Have a well thought out plan in your mind or written down.
  • Make it clear your only intention is to offer a suggestion/recommendation that might be helpful and reduce some of Master’s stress.

This is how i serve with my heart. These are the times i truly feel most in service to Master.



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